Whopper if you are out there, or if there are any other tmen that meditate, can you help me out with some basic meditation instructions. Im thinking it will supplement my other training well because I want to balance out all the huffing, puffing, exertion and physical stress. Peace.

There is a great book out on meditation right now that backs the meditation practice with scientific evidence. As I guy who has just recently started learning about eastern thought and practices I have been trying to learn as much as I can. The reason why I started learning to meditate was in attempt to lower cortisol. Enough about me. A simple explanation on how to meditate 1. Get comfortable in proper posture lying or sitting.2. Just concentrate on your breathing notice the inhale and exhale. The most important key to meditating is to keep a clear mind so just concentrate on your breathing and think of nothing else (girls, money, or lifting)try to do this for 20 minutes it will be hard to impossible to not stray thoughts for 20 minutes at first but keeping working on it. Some people repeat certain words or sounds but I have not gotten that deep into it.
Good Luck

yea i have this tape on meditating. But al lot of the stuff is confusing. I have experimented with it, and right now i count breaths 1 and… very slowly. If you are patient…

Waz up t-peeps right i thought i would chime in and give you summit to chew on. you said that you want to balance out all the huffing and puffing well do what the first guy to respond ( soz i cant rember your name )told you to and breath to a count of 4 secs inhale 4 secs hold 4 secs exhale after a while you wont notice yourself counting seconds and it will just become second nature which is what you want also i recomend tai chi as this is a form of moving meditation from what i have heard and read and seen. Train hard and rest well ma man !!

Meditation, although sounds easy, is hard to do because your mind can be resistant to relaxation and focus. Shut your phones off … maybe play some new age music, etc., and start off just be concentrating on your breathing … on inhales think “ooohm” on exhales, think “sah” … say it outloud at first if you need to. Be concscious of your mind wandering off and thinking about other things like work, etc., it takes practice. Good luck.

Jack, what’s the name of that book? Thanks.

The book is called Meditation as Medicine. It is an extremely interesting book.It goes into alot of other subjects besides meditaion. I like to combine the information in this book with Western medicine thoughts to have a complete answer on any questions on health.
Hope this helps