Meatatarians - How many of you guys actually eat vegatables regularly?

I know vegatables are supposed to be eaten everyday in a healthy diet, but being in college, working 20 hours a week, training, etc., I very rarely eat them. When I make a meal and when i eat i am always in a hurry so i usually just have a protein rich main dish and nothing else with it. I am currently taking a multivitamin and metamucil so that should take care of the vitamins and fiber that vegatables contain, right? I also add a lot of fruit to my morning protein shake. Is there anything I can take to make up for any of the phytonutrients that vegatables contain or is there no way around it? what about “Beyond Greens”? It is made by flora, the same company that makes udo’s choice. would i be missing out on anything if i took that, multivitamin, and metamucil everyday? I really would appreciate some responses. Thanks in advance, - Nic

Nic I have not tried Beyond Greens,but I am skeptical that anything can actually take the place of good 'ol fruits and veggies.
If I am going to be highly mobile the next day I will steam up veges the night before and stick 'em in tupperware.
I also typucally have them in the morning,if you are having an egg omelette or scrambled egg dish you could throw 'em in with that,or if you are having meat simply eat them afer you have downed the meat and at least that is one serving out the way.
You could also dice up your meat and the veges ,cook them and eat them together.
As for the fruit you add to your protein shake,according to a recent article in Life Extension magazine,berries(blackberries,blueberries,raspberries)are apparantly the richest fruit sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

I’ve seen phytonutrients in capsules at Longs Drugs, but I don’t know how effective they are. Beyond Greens is a good supplement, and so is Fast Food Blend made by the same company. You can get plenty of nutrients in those supplements. Eating something like a carrot stick is a good idea if you want to snack on something between meals, but aren’t willing to take over the jar of cookies (yet). To be honest with you, I hate vegetables, and even though I should be eating them, I don’t. I eat lots of fruits, but I can’t stand vegetables. So I really don’t care about getting my phytonutrients in.

I have found All Bran: Bran Buds to be a superior source of fiber. Beats the hell out of metamucil. If they don’t have that at your grocery store, they should have All Bran: High Fiber. Consider it to be medicine instead of food, though Bran Buds tastes pretty darn good.

Vegetables also provide fiber and antioxidants. A mainly protein diet is at the very least, a partially ketogenic diet. You will never get too fat.

You can get bags of frozen veggies at the grocery store. They’re sliced up already and you can get several diffent blends. Put them in a bowl and nuke them. I like the baby corn blend myself.

Read the current “Clean Livin’” article by TC. Your plan is okay, but you really do need to try to get some of the real thing.

If you’re eating mostly meat since you’re
in a hurry, you should look again at fruit
& vegetables. Pretty much anything but
root vegetables (potatoes, turnips, not
counting carrots) can just be eaten raw,
aside from a little peeling here and there.
A bowl of spinach and a handful of broccoli
won’t slow those meals on the go down that

Nothin beats the freshlike vegies! But now a bunch of brands have that inner lining, so you actually taste the veggies instead of the can. even generic around me has that lining. I get my mixed veggies for 29cents a can on sale, and i cant get enough of them. hunt around, and being a fellow college student, i see NOTHING wrong with eating them right out of the can!

One time I had some chinese food, and I think I accidentally ate a carrot or something. There’s also this pizza place that makes this broccoli that’s dipped in a cheese batter then deep-fried; haven’t had any in two years but I still crave it.

I once saw an animal cruelty video and could eat meat for three weeks. But after working at it, I got back to fish, then chicken, then beef, starting with the uglier animals and working my way up to the cuter ones. I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “If God had intended us not to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat.” I concur.