Measuring Powders & PW Shake Question

i just received my order of maltodextrin, dextrose, and whey combo yesterday and need some help figuring out how much to use. i know it wont be nearly as good as Surge but i figure it will be an improvement compared to my 2 scoops of designer and grape juice. anyways does anyone know how many grams of that stuff would be in a “scoop” (from an old grow bottle). i weigh 170 pounds so would 1 scoop of malto, 1 scoop dextrose, and 1 scoop of the whey be allright for a pw shake. also, most of my training is powerlifting style and not a lot of volume so would i still need the same amount of carbs? thanks for the help - Nic

Nic, just putting a scoop of each probably won’t cut it. You can try it, but I prefer to bust out the scales to get a better idea of what’s cooking. First off, you need to get an idea of how much protein and carbs you need (~30 and 60, respectively). But you also need to take into account that 30g of powder will not yield that amount of the macro (there might only be 25g of protein in a 30g scoop). Then I suggest you actually weigh out the amounts needed. I’m not sure I can answer your question about lower carbs due to lower volume, but I would think the 0.8g/kg would still apply.

To follow up Timbo, you can get a kitchen scale for maybe $6 to $10 at a kitchen accessory store. This will come with a removable (washable) plastic tray. You need to “zero” the scale with the tray in place before weighing anything. Also, a cheap kitchen scale won’t necessarily be accurate for a small weight, so measure however much you can comfortably fit in the tray–8 scoops, for example–and divide the total weight by the number of portions. A kitchen scale is a great thing for a bodybuilder to have, in general.