MD6 vs Thermbuterol

Hey everyone - I was recently recomended to buy Thermbuterol as a “more potent fat burner” than MD6. Being that they are virtually the same price per cap - which one do you suggest? Ice never used either but I will be using whichever with the original T2. I love biotest stuff and Im hesitant to buy Thermbuterol. Some opinions please.

What’s in the Thermbuteral stuff? I already hate it because they try to make it sound like Clenbuteral, the drug. Sounds sleazy already. Remember the “Dirty Tricks” article? But what are the ingedients? If it contains apirin or white willow bark, it sucks. (Old school, inefficient ingredients). Does it contain 5-HTP? I love that stuff and wouldn’t use a fat burner without it. Yes, you can tell I really like MD6.

Heres the ingredient list: Supplement Facts:
(per 1 capsule)
Proprietary Blend (Sida Cordifolia, Synephrine, Guarana, Guggulsterone, L-Carnatine, White Willow bark) 650 mg

Stick w/the MD6.

The Therm stuff sounds pretty weak if you ask me. I’ve used synphrine products (EAS) before with zero results.