MD6 and Zoloft

I’m sure this has been addressed before but can you use MD6 or T2 with zoloft? If not, what are the potential side effects. Thanks

It probably wouldn’t be a good idea. With all the nervous sytem stimulating substances in MD6 and with the 5-HTP acting as an anti-depressant…it might be too much. Ask your dr. if you can take small amounts of ephedra and 5-htp with the zoloft.

I’m betting it would be ok…there’s only like 25 mg. of 5-HTP in the new MD-6, and zoloft is an antidepressant that works through different pathways than CNS stimulants, or thyroid output enhancers. But, yes, I would definitely ask your doc just in case, or at least start out with small dosages of the supplements you mentioned and monitor how you feel for a few weeks.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have used t2 and md6 with zoloft without any issues.