MD6 and Dandelion

I currently ingest approx. 3000-3200 cals/day. 15 minutes of high intensity (160-170bpm) cardio three times per week. Resistance training four times per week following a time under tension protocol (min. 3 sec -ves on all reps and 6-8 reps per set) The plan is to keep caloric ingestion the same and do 30 mins of the same intensity cardio three times per week while taking four MD6’s and four dandelion pills (500mg each) per day for one month. Could anyone suggest what reduction in fat and/or water is likely to take place? I have never used MD6 or dandelion. Bf% is currently 8-10% with caliper.

Why are you taking the Dandelion pills for a month straight? You could get pretty dehydrated and lose potassium (through urine)ending up with cramps and low blood pressure.What is going on for you at the end of the month-a show? a hot date? If its a show drink lots of H2O and don’t do the dandelion till 3 days out. Take potassium supplements if you cramp.

Nothing per se is happening at the end of the month (end of May, actually). I just wanted to see what a dedicated regimen of MD6 and a natural diuretic could do wrto bodyfat and excess water. I thought that only Lasix and such caused you to lose electrolytes?? I can’t find any info. on dandelion that mentions potassium loss as a side effect. Does anyone have any definitive info. or experience with taking dandelion on a daily basis?

Since it is “natural” I do not know if Dandelion is a “potassium sparing diuretic”.The site of action for those types of diuretics, is competitive inhibition of the aldosterone receptor site in the distal tubule, or inhibition of aldosterone biosynthesis.Most pharmacological diuretics are kaliuretic and cause increased urinary losses of potassium. The mechanisms by which they produce this effect vary according to the specific diuretic employed. However, most of them function by either increasing the urinary flow rate,decreasing potassium reabsorption,increasing sodium delivery to the distal tubule,or altering the transmembrane potential. You can also lose potassium by vomiting,diarrhea(excessive laxative abuse)and excessive sweating.Some symptoms of low potassium(hypokalemia) are confusion,drowsiness,coma, muscle weakness,muscle cramps,slow heart rate,ECG changes,nausea and vomiting. I would be very cautious about taking ANY diuretic, especially for a month straight and no MD follow up.Just drink lots of water (1 gal or more) instead and your body will naturally increase its output. Good Luck.