Masturbation and Testosterone Level

Does anyone out there know the impact of the testosterone level after sex or masturbation immediately following a workout. Could this hamper muscle growth even if a post recovery drink is taken prior to these activities?

Nah, you’ll still grow. Plus, the real advantage is that you’ll be the the only blind guy with hair on your hands in the gym.

This has been discussed many times. It is considered “bodybuilding minutia” meaning: It isn’t going to make enough of an effect to hamper or increase muscle growth. Yes, masturbation and/or sex has been shown to increase testosterone levels. But it’s not going to effect your training. Unless, pyschologically, you think it does. In other words: the placeabo effect.

If you have a healthy attitude tward it then it will elevate t-levels. If you feel guilty, ashamed etc from it then it will lower t and increase corisol levels. Peace, K

Thanks to all of you who replied to my topic. I enjoyed all of the responses and I am glad they were positive. There’s something about working out that makes some of us horny as hell!

Hi. I posted somehthing similiar on another post and they made fun of it. No problem. What I wrote was I kind of watch porn before I work out. I get all horny at kind of jerk a little but not to the point of cumming. Just enough to say ah. Then I wait a while, (wash hands of course) and go work out. Seems like my t levels are pretty time high. Beat my personal records last two days. Sounds weird, strange or stupid or whatever you want to call it, that ok. I’m just saying t-levels will go up.

hernan73, that’s an interesting practice. It appears that everyone is an agreement about the increase in testosterone levels a good thing for us who bodybuild or workout for the hell of it… Thanks for sharing.

Depends on who yer’ masterbatin’

If you have already gotten your workout in,and your girlfriend wants to have sex, and you can say “Not now honey, it might retard my muscle growth” then your testosterone level is ALREADY low.

Not only that,but when you do finally decide to have sex, you WILL be masturbating-cause any Vixen worth her salt would have LEFT your ass.

i wouldnt jack off or have sex like w/in an hour or two before a hard workout thats about it.

At the end of your life, lying on your death bed will you be thinking “Man, I wish I had bigger biceps”? No, you will probably be wishing you had more sex. I look at it that way.

God this has been discussed on the forum too many times. I wouldn’t worry about levels of testosterone. Bringing the monster out for a game (Ian King’s words, not mine) can release certain relaxing chemicals in the brain, so doing it before a workout can be a bad idea. I remember a while back, when this was discussed on the forum, someone suggested to wait 48 hours before leg day, and 28 hours before upper body. I’ve been doing that and it helps. Otherwise I’m too relaxed to go to the gym, let alone take the porno tape out of the VCR.