Massive eating?

hey guys,i just got done reading thru all the john berardi articles(great stuff!) on massive eating…macronutrient ratios…etc…according to him…i need a lil over 4000 calories to grow!this would seem relatively easy for me if i could just shovel anything and everything in my mouth six times a day…but i want to follow johns protocol(high protein/moderate carb/low,no fat meal or high protein/moderate,high fat/low,no carb meal) but when it comes down to it…im confused as to how to do this…am i to take in for the high pro/mod carb/low fat meals something like 50-60 grams of protein and then make up the rest of the cals from carbs?this would come out to something like 100+ grams of carbs in a meal!same applies to the high pro/high fat/low carb meals…so much protein then make up the rest with fat?thatd be a shitload of fat!i could really use some advice on percentages and ratios of carbs and protein and ratios on the fat and protein??any help/input is GREATLY APPRECIATED!thanks guys!

anyone have any input here?could really use some help.

i have the same question… i cant help but eat a mixture of all 3 … its way to hard to get one without the other

Its easy!, But you have to be strict. I have 7 meals a day, I start with 3 Carb + protein meals, then 2 Fat + protein, 1 Carb + Protein, 1 Fat + Protein.
Here’s my sample day :
Meal 1: 40g Oats, 250g Apples, 38g Protein, Meal 2: 35g Oats, 38g Protein, Small Salad, Meal 3: 35g Oats, 38g Protein, Small Salad,
Meal 4: 10ml Fish Oil Conc, 10ml Flax, 38g Protein, Meal 5: 10ml Fish Oil Conc, 10ml Flax, 150g Chicken, Small Salad, Meal 6: Post Workout Carb/Protein Mix, Meal 7: 10ml Fish Oil Conc, 10ml Flax, 38g Protein. I’m dieting at the moment so my total calories = 2500 but when bulking, I will go up to around 4000 at 5,3 150 IB. This diet is working great for me.

thanks for the feedback man…anyone else with any pointers on a bulking diet?thanks in b really great if mr berardi himself threw a lil somethin in here!