Massive Eating/Warrior Diet Hybrid

I was wondering if anyone has tried a reverse taper method, eating all P/F meals in the morning until working out in the afternoon, then all P/C meals exect a P/F right before bed. I seem to remember Tim’s guide to the warrior diet and it could be modified slightly to become a Massive Eating/Warrior Diet Hybrid. Has anyone ever tried this reverse taper method? The warrior diet was good for me as far as fat loss, but not mass, and massive eating was the opposite. If you could combine the two…avoid insulin release before a afternoon/early evening workout, maybe you could derive both benefits. Any ideas/suggestions?


I personally have been on the warrior diet for 2yrs. and seen wonderful results, both muscle gain and fat loss. At first I did lose alot of size because I wasn’t doing it right, but I finally got it. I’ve taken the warrior principles and modified them slightly with the massive eating principles and have made amazing gains. In fact my physique now looks the best it ever has. Give it a shot, you never know until you try. The warrior diet isn’t for everyone but it sure works for me.

T-Warrior, if you don’t mind, could you present the detail of your modified warrior diet? I am very intrigued with how you have made the system work for you. Thanks!

The Warrior Diet would have to be modified quite a lot to work based on what Shugart wrote about it in stuff we like.

I usually have a scoop of advanced pro with glutamine, perfect food greens powder, and maybe some grapefruit juice along with a TBS of flax. I’ll have 3 or 4 of those a day along with some low glycymic fruits. I’ll workout from 5-6 using Surge during and after, wait an hour and just binge on one meal at night of all protein and carbs. It has worked well for me, but again everyone’s body chemistry is different. You just have to learn and create your own diet and see how you respond.