Massive Eating Support Group

Someone mentioned a support group for the Massive Eating diet and nothing has come about, so I am starting one. I am really interested in this diet and how it works.I am going to start it in a week once I am over my diet I am on now. Many of you guys have already tried it and this would be an excellent opportunity to share feedback, and maybe help others tweak this diet to work for them.

If you get into any dangerous crises, I can act as the help-line operator. Im here for you :slight_smile: One thing that all of you interested in massive eating should know is that Ive answered a few questions about the eating plan in an upcoming “appetite for construction” column. In it I address several concerns regarding the seemingly high caloric level, and I provide an example diet for someone requiring 4400 calories (complete with food choices and meal selection and timing). It really clarifies some things that were ambiguous in the massive eating series. After reading this, you will be equipped to design your own massive eating program. Hope this helps you all out. I especially thank one of the forum posters for his rather large post regarding massive eating. His input and questions regarding the diet helped to focus this “follow up” to the massive eating articles.

I think there have been several attempts to get one going, but It never sticks around long. I guess all the Massive eaters are too busy in the kitchen. I’ve been doing it seriously since Sunday. I’m doing the higher carb ratio. I’m not quite up there in the calories, but they’re a lot higher than they used to be. I did sneak in an “evil meal” last night, though.

Hey Guys,

I’ve been doing it for 11 days now. It’s been great. My strength increases. My biceps size also increases. I am on Nandrosol btw. Just got results from my Dr. yesterday and hope that JB will see this or you guys can help me and let me know what you think:
1>. Insulin random = 50 pmol/L
2>. Fasting sugar = 5.4 mmol/L
3>. Testosterone = 14.2 nmol/L
4>. cholesterol = 3.36 mmol/L

I calculated the insulin sensitivity to be 2 and pancreatic beta cell function to be 87.63 which is bad. Should i be on 30/40/30 or 15/50/35? Yesterday i just got these lab test results. For 10 days i’ve been on 30/40/30 but today i change to 25/46/29… i don’t want the fat to go over 30%… what do you think guys?
Also, if anyone can convert my testosterone level to ng/dL since all the info here using that unit and tell me whether i am ok or i am too low… i am 5’6 146 (11 days ago i was 140).


Do you guys go with the 0.8/0.4 carbs to protein ratio, regardless of whether you’re using Surge ie, if you don’t have any Surge, what ratio do you use?


I take 67%carb and 33%protein only after i take the surge. It’s clearly stated that if you want to gain muscle you have to have this meal after surge.

I"m 40 years old always. .lifted.some supplements.I grabbed some Mag 10 today and dont even know where the hell to start…I"ve never ever looked at the back of any package of anything I"ve stuffed in my face I could really use the help on what to eat …like some kinda eating plan that sure would help Thanks Bra…

Sweet, just in time for my Mag-10, massive eating next week. I know I definitely have got to keep the carbs down just a bit, as my body even with the smart carb choices seems to put on a bit too much fat. I will keep the calories the same as the outlined plan though, just changing up the fat ratio, up to 30%. I look forward to see everyone else’s posts.

Wow, you guys are pulling up a thread from way back in the day. General consensus for eating on MAG-10 is 400g Pro, 500g Carb, and essential EFAs. Read through the Mag-10 plan for success, the growth surge project (make appropriate dietary adjustments I suggested above for stage 2), and all 3 support group threads. Use the key words “support group” in the forum search engine.

I’m two weeks away from joining this group…last week of my diet right now, and then I embark on the quest known as THE GROWTH SURGE PROJECT. I was going to go right into the Phase 2, but after thinking about it I’m going to do the priming phase first…gives me a chance to taper off MD6 and gradually reintroduce a higher carb intake. MASSIVE EATING BABY…HELL YEAH!!