Massive Eating far

Hi guys…just wondering how the massive eating is coming…How are you guys fittin your kcals in…i’m at 3 grand and i’m about 800 short.i’m at 7 meals a day and its tough to get all the calories in withe meals under 70 carbs and 30 fat…i’m a little over 300 grams a protein a day(179lbs) I have put on about 4 pounds but i’m also taking creatine now so it could be water weight…Plus i’ve been on the throne constantly. Anyway I’d love to hear how other guys are doin…call it the MESG(massive eating support group)

well its been a week or so for me and im supposed to be around 4700cals and ill tell you its impossible to keep carbs under 80gms when you need over 500 and still have to eat 3 protein and fat meals. i set my carb limit at 100. 7 meals a day is tough enough. i dont have the room for 8. i havent weighed myself but feel really good in the gym. if your appetite is struggling grab some tribex. thatll do the trick