Massive eating and chubby cheek

I’ve been this program for 1 week with 3500 cals combined with nandrosol. My biceps went up 1/8" and not sure if it’s muscle or fat. How do you know?
Also, everytime i look in the mirrow, my cheeks are getting chubby.
I am still waiting for my insulin sensitivity (done in hospital) test results. Right now, i am using the 30/40/30 ratio.
Btw, My lifts all went up this week.
I am still confused about my cheek… i think i gained too much fat?

Please help


Chubby cheeks?!? You’ve probably just gained some water bro. It is very difficult to put on enough fat one week to actually start seeing it. And as far as how to know if it’s muscle or fat, what about a skinfold test? Or how about weighing yourself. Did you gain any weight? Ive never seen anyone use a “cheek test” to determine body composition!