Mass Building Diet

T-mag readers,

I have been a faithful reader of the site for a few years and greatly appreciate all the wisdom that is dictated throughout. My training is built around core lifts (dead, bench, squat, rows, etc.) and I plan on using the following high-protein, high-fat, low-carb diet:

5 Weeks of Hell
Meal #1 and Meal #6
8 egg whites, 2 servings cream of rice grits or oatmeal
1 serving (3 scoops) Mass Maker and 1 scoop Ultra Size
2 teaspoons Flax Oil
(Note: At each meal I consumed the whole food portion and the drink portion, not one or the other)

Meal #2, #3, #4 and #5
5oz Lean Meat (chicken, turkey or fish)
8oz baked potato, yam, 1.5 cups cooked rice or beans (choose one not all four)
1 cup vegetables
1 serving (3 scoops) Mass Maker and 1 scoop 100% egg protein
2 teaspoons Flax oil

I am hoping to gain a solid 15 lean pounds over the next 5 weeks, but am unsure as to what supplements I need to take. Is it essential that I use Mass Maker and Ultra Size or would Low-Carb Grow! be better? Also, is eating red meat a problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks JP

OK. I think you may be a little confused on the diet as a whole.

You say it is low carb, and high fat. Yet in all six meals you are having either oats, grits, potatoes , yams, or rice. That doesn’t sound to low carb from here. Not saying it is bad, just not low carb. Also I dont know what this “Super Mass Ultra Buiilder”, or whatever you called it is. But most likely with a name like that it is a low quality protein source dressed up with a bunch of sugar and crap. So there more carbs.

Second you say high fat, yet your only real source of fat is 4 tbl spoons of flax. You are aiming for high fat and exclude the yolks from your eggs. Once again, not bad just not high fat.

Nothing wrong with red meat. It is good, natures multi vitamin.

Is Low Carb Grow! good. HELL yes. Problem though, it is so good they are temporarily out of stock. LOL Give them a little time to get the stuff back in stock (hopefully before I run out) and give it a try. Or go for the classic Grow! and Ditch the whole Low Carb label from your nutrition plan.

Will this diet make you gain weight. Most likely. Depends on K/cals in vs. K/cals out. Will it ALL be LBM, NO. Never is, never will be. You have to gain even a small amount of fat to bulk up.

Hope that helps. I am not trying to flame you or anything just shedding some light.

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What Phil said.

And, if you are lookin’ to gain some mass, it WILL be very helpful to add a good post-workout meal. Surge. Again, like Phil said w/ the Low-Carb Grow!, outta stock…for now. But as soon as possible, buy it. Don’t know your financial situation, but it is cheap. It’s about a $2 meal, which is much cheaper than most meals you can get.


Cannot speak to the diet, but Mass Maker and Ultra Size are both excellent products made by Beverly International. High quality all the way.