MAG-10 taste?

I know it said in T-mag that MAG-10 is going to taste good, but on other sites the “experts” say that the 1-compounds are inherently “like capsaicin” or hot pepper
and can’t help but taste bad. This was their
explanation of why their “1” products tasted bad and caused burning on urination. I’m guessing Biotest found a way to mask this?
Or is it just not true? I’ve learned better
than to believe everything those people say…

You’re right to be suspicious. The company in question has always made products with “off” tastes such as bitter or hot, and with high percentages of impurities, and has always made the false excuse that the products “inherently” have that quality and swore it wasn’t all their impurities that was the cause.

It wasn’t true for androstenedione. It wasn’t true for 4-AD. It wasn’t true for norandrostenedione, and it wasn’t true for nor-4-AD either. What a track record…

So I see little reason to believe them that it’s true for the 1-dione or 1-diol compounds either, especially since it makes zero chemical sense.

Most importantly though, it certainly isn’t true for our product.

Biotest A1-E is absolutely tasteless, absolutely colorless (snow-white) and is 99.5% pure by assay. None of the problems you refer to exist with A1-E.

The A1-E and 4-AD-EC have zero effect on
the taste of MAG-10, being completely
tasteless themselves. The flavoring
geniuses have total freedom to make MAG-10
taste however they consider best, and
considering the great job they’ve done
on other Biotest products, I don’t doubt
they’ll get MAG-10 right.

So Bill, is Mag-10 a swallow immediately supplement, or a hold-under-toungue like Methoxy is? I think I read somewhere that your going to provide a cap to measure it too?

I can understand the concern for the burning on urination, but I fail to see how the taste should matter. Personally, I don’t care how it tastes. It could taste like rancid milk or liquid rodent feces, I don’t care as long as it works. The fact that you guys actually take steps to ensure that your liquid products taste good would give me reservations about the effectiveness of the product, if it weren’t for my good results with Methoxy. In fact, I used to think AP was disgusting until I got used to it. But that’s just me, I eat a lot of things I don’t like in the name of sound nutrition. Keep up the good work guys!

If it tastes like the new Methoxy-7 then it will be a treat to use. But I could put up with any taste if it got be 20 extra pounds.

For 20 lbs of lean mass, even skunk shit tastes good.