MAG-10 Strength Increases

Greetings all, I am about to begin a 12 week MAG-10 cycle. (Two weeks on / Two weeks off with Tribex & M) I was wondering, will I experience an increase in strength along with the 15-20 LBM gain? I have worked out my caloric intake for the day using Massive Eating as a guide, so I feel confident that my diet will be on target. Any thoughts? Bill Roberts?

Thank you.

12 weeks?! That’s too long a cycle. I took Mag-10 for 2 weeks and let me tell you this stuff is very strong. I gained 10 pounds and my nuts got huge. If you take it for 12 weeks your gains are not going to be much better than a 4 week cycle, and your natural testosterone production will be completely shut off, making it much harder for you to keep your gains. Read the mag-10 plan for success and faq on this site for more info…

pnfdog- You’re very wrong. T-mag has said that long cycles are okay as long as you use M/Tribex or Clomid between each.

To whomever asked the question, it seems that most people are experiencing strength gains. I know I did, though I rarely test 1RM’s.

Speaking from my experience with Mag-10, 2 weeks at a time is plenty because it does suppress natural testosterone production temporarily. Additionally, Mag-10 is quite a stimulant. Finally, Biotest’s recommendation is 2 weeks, 4 weeks off…

ummm when you take androgens your nuts shrink they dont get “huge”

I understand the question as being 12 weeks of three 2 on / 2 off cycles, so there’s no problem of use being too long.

Absolutely I’d expect excellent strength increases along with LBM increase.