Mag-10 Nutrition

Okay, so I am going to be eating around 1,000 cals over maintenance while cycling Mag-10, but should I consume this amount of calories during my off weeks too?


Check out the diet recommendations for the Growth Surge Project from the last few issues. Those are good guidelines to follow.

The Growth Surge Project covers this topic. You’ll want to keep eating big, but not as big as you were when “on” because 1) your exercise volume should descrease a bit after the cycle and 2) you’ll no longer have the increased metabolic processes that go along with MAG-10. So, yes, reduce calories, but do not go nuts and adopt a low calorie keto diet right after a cycle. Growth Surge Stages II and III cover the details. Also read Tim’s new article, “MAG-10 Plan for Success”.

Thanks guys, think I will probably knock off around 500 calories on off weeks.