Mag-10 for women

Would MAG-10 be an appropriate supplement for women? If so, at what dosage? and what may be the side effects?

NOT for women. Read the MAG-10 FAQ in the previous issues and other articles related to MAG-10 and you will have your answers.

Side effects: Acne, enlarged clitoris, deepening of the voice, facial hair and all the other typical side effects that a woman would have from using steroids.

Try Methoxy instead - this has been recommended by the T-Mag staff.


Not appropriate and if used, no more
than 1/10 of one cap per day. I’m serious
in both regards.

First, even if one is willing to take
virilizing risk, a reasonable estimated
max dose is that 1/10 cap, and CERTAINLY
no more than 1/5 cap. (Warning: it’s quite
possible that the 1/5 cap amount could
be quite virilizing. We haven’t tested
and don’t intend to.)

Second, MAG-10 is a bad choice regardless
of dosage. A woman who is going to use
androgens ought to use those which give
the highest ratio of anabolism to virilizing
effect. E.g., Primobolan or oxandrolone.

4-AD is most definitely NOT one of those
compounds, I expect, based on how strong
it is in promoting facial hair growth in
the male, and effects noted on the male