MAG-10 and Air Force

I would love
to do a cycle of MAG-10, but I’m worried.

  1. All forms of andro are illegal for military members (at least Air Force members), and violation is treated as a federal offense.
    Does anyone know if they actually test for andro?

  2. If I wanted to do a cycle of MAG-10, I have at the most 2 weeks, and after that 2 weeks I am subject to random testing again. Is there any effective protocol to follow?

Bro, the military does not have the money to be testing for every drug under the son. Most piss test will check for cocaine and marijuana - that’s it. A steroid test will be done on an indivdual who comes to work one week at 160 pounds and timid, and then the following week 220 with stretch marks and a bad attitude. As far as proper protocal, check with your command for the specific drugs tested. Your best bet would be to get with your SACO rep and ask them if taking a product that includes Andro, that you bought at the local GNC, could cause a failure on their test. Even voicing your concern to them before would help just incase you are sitting at their desk later. Keep the bottle too, if you were to pop you could say “I was taking this! And it is legally sold out in town.” Most Andro’s will not make you pop a military drug test. Especially at the doses marked on the bottle, excessive use may. Bottom line, I have always used Andros for cycles here and there (usually about 750mg per day of 4-Diol) and have never popped a piss test in the military. Take the Mag-10, keep a bottle for records, and lift and eat like and animal. And if you are STILL worried, ask your SACO rep about taking a dietary supplement that indicates possibility of a popped doping test. Even if they “advizzze” you not to, you two have met and they are aware of your interest in this product and they would be less likely of suspecting you of being on some illegal gear later on.