Lyle McDonald - Book

Anyone have any recommendations on his book Ketogenic Dieting??? Is it the best book out there on the subject??

In a word, yes.

T-mag once wrote a remarkable review of his book, praising it as the best. My copy is scheduled to arrive by UPS today!

Teddy, I know you’re a big fan of the book. From an informational standpoint, the book is awesome. I guess I was hoping that Lyle would have been as gung-ho about the ketogenic diet as he was when he wrote his Bodyopus pages - along the lines of “if you wanna lose fat, this is the best approach in my opinion”; sort of like Dan Duchaine pushing his Bodyopus diet in that book (I bought both of them). I found Lyle’s Bodyopus pages to be more useful for my short-term purposes (and they didn’t cost a penny!), while the Ketogenic Diet was very technical and included many disclaimers about the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet. Just my opinion, but I still generally like anything he has written. The Ketogenic Diet would have to be the premiere layman’s guide and textbooks to ketogenic dieting though.

what about Protein Power?? Any good?? It is much cheaper.

Protein Power, I find, is less informative than most low-carb books and has a good deal of misinformation. As well, it’s not really aimed at lifters. I’m a huge Lyle fan, so I’m partial to his writings. Back when he was still maintaining his website he mentioned something about writing a new book. Does anyone know anything about this?

I just ordered the McDonald book from Netrition