LOW ABS ! Please I need Help

Hi, I’ve a problem with my Low ABS, There aren’t thick. I’ve 5 week before my trip to Miami. Anyone can give me good exercise to thicken my Low Abs Rapidly ?

Thank !


Try Knee Tucks on a stability ball. Start in a push-up position with your arms fully extended and shins resting on the ball. Your shoulders, hips, and knees should form a straight line. Slowly bring your knees toward your chest to a tuck position. Hold for a count of 2 and return under control to the starting position. Never allow your hips to dip below shoulder level when your legs are fully extended. If this doesn’t focus on those lower abs I don’t know what will.

Try the ab work from Meltdown, s/set hanging leg raises hold for 3 secs at top and reverse crunches on swiss ball lowering in 3 secs, make sure to crunch up hips not just bring knees up.

There is no such thing as “lower abs.” Diet… seriously, if you work out your abs and they don’t show, it’s probably because of diet. If you’re a lanky sumbich without abs, then work 'em heavy with about 10 reps. Slow movement. Anyone agree or disagree? This is what has worked for me, and it seems like a wonderful topic for debate.

the one thing I question is the existence of “lower abs.” I would have to say they do indeed exist. They function to raise the femor toward the torso. while the ‘upper abs’ are involved in this motion as well, the dominate muscle in the motion is the lower abs (and hip flexors to an extent).

thank for the answer.