Losing it

This night I thought I finally lost it… After gruelling supersetted back/chest workout , cardio session and watching two South Park episodes,I went to sleep at 1 pm. I woke up at 5:30 am after having a nightmare. I had a dream that I was eating a bowl of Corn Flakes. (!) That was it! Nothing more, nothing less! I sat there eating a bowl of Corn Flakes! And it was OK until I decided to add some raisins! Suddenly, the dream turned into a nightmare and I woke up in sweat! Of course, in real life, I’ve been dieting since Jan 1st 2001…so… that pretty much explains everything…

Don’t you think you should take some time off? 6 months of straight dieting might be counter productive. But I have to admit, I’ve had those dreams too. My favorite thing to do while dieting is to take a plate of fresh, warm, soft chocolate chip cookies and put my face really really close and take a nice, long, deep breath…oh how sweet.

Hold on guy! We can get thru this thing. You just have to face your fear. First, find a bowl then some milk…

I did BodyOpus from the beginning of the year for 6 weeks and then T-Dawg for another 6 weeks. Then I did Delta 1250 for 40 days. Righ now I am doing 2000 kCal, 250 g protein, 130 g carbs,50 g fat. The thing is that right now I am experimenting and trying to determine what works for me and what doesn’t. In the meantime I took a lot of wrong turns but learned a lot from my own mistakes. Right now I want to lose remaining fat and then finally start eating like a man, incorporate some cheating days, meals etc… I also found out that there is no way I can lose fat if I cheat during Sundays… it fucks up 6 days of clean dieting!

Happens to me about 1/2 way through way wrestling season. I go through this whole trasition where every bit of pleasure made me paranoid. I actually corrolated Music to junk food in a couple of dreams.

Sasa…that’s some funny stuff, my man. Actually, I’ve often had those types of dreams where I’m getting my grub on…and often wake up hungry as a mofo! Usually it’s healthy stuff. Just wanted to let you know it’s not totally outta whack, I don’t think…also wanted to give ya some props for your diligence and determination. I think it is best to “stick to the script” though when it comes to this game. Gains and goals are best achieved this way. I do think you can get away with a cheat meal/day every couple weeks or so…but I know I sure as hell go overboard and tend to do a little too much damage (in my own mind). Keep working hard, and continue to do exactly what you’re doing: Find What Works Best for Sasa!


Have you taken a trip to Tuzla recently? Maybe you drank some water out of the clear as a brick body of water known as Lake Modrac. Just a thought.:wink:

Dainon,no, I’ve never visited Bosnia… ;-)Are you from Tuzla?