I was the 1st viewing of “Lord of the Rings” at 12:01 AM this morning. The movie is 3 hours long, but GOD DAMN, I’m not kidding when I say it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen. Get out and go see this movie as soon as possible. I’ve been excited about this for over a year now, and It exceded my expectations, actually it blew me away. The movie starts off great and just doesn’t stop, at no point does it get boring, and the special effects put Star Wars Episode I to shame. I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to wait for the other 2, but I’m gonna say right now this movie is breaking records. It’s destined to be a classic. We left the theater at 3:30 AM and weren’t even tired, we were fired up from the movie. Just thought I’d let everyone know.

Hah! I saw it before you did, we started our “preview” screening a little after 11:00 last night and got out shortly after 2:00 this morning. A girl I’m seeing works the theater and I told her to let me see it with her. Anyway, it was an excellent movie, however, the first hour or so was kinda slow. I realize they had to build the story up, but it took a while. You’re right about one thing, I’m anticipating the next two movies a LOT! This first one seemed more like an introduction or prelude to a HUGE endeavor! It’s like a 3 hour glimpse of what is to come…

Jeez, can’t wait! It doesn’t come out here (Australia) until Boxing Day. How close is the film to the book? I know that Tom Bombadil is not in the film, thank God…

WOW you are a freak! I’m sorry but going to see the first viewing of a treky movie at midnight! Have you ever read that comic in the paper “Foxtrot”? Well you my friend are like the little blond one about as much a pokeman, starwars, no friends freak there is. You could have been doing something productive like haveing sex etc. You really drain this place of testosterone, I’m sorry.

Ahh Top_Dawg, u assume too much. I got laid before and after the movie by this beatiful woman, I say woman b/c she’s 35 and i’m 22, and she just started modeling. Anyway, she got the tickets for me ahead of time, so I spent my time well, before, during and after the movie. After all, I have better things to do with my time then reading Foxtrot comics about little blond girls, u seem to have some issues of your own. Good luck getting them sorted out. Anyway, anyone who sees the movie will know it was totally worth the trip.

I saw it last night. I wanted to see the 12:01 show but there wasn’t one, who knows why. I thought everything Elrond said at the council was so cheesy, the Balrog’s whip llooked kind of fake & I couldn’t figure out why Galadriel went nuts & started yelling (but I sort of skipped that part when reading the book. Everything else was perfect though.

Also, Sting shouldn’t have glowed like it did because only the edge of it is made from mythril. Frodo’s mail vest & Glamdring are both made entirely out of mythril should have glowed but they didn’t at all.

I don’t get it. What’s all the hype about? Am I missing something? Is there some sort of cult that I have not known about? How can some story that resembles the Harry Potter stuff be all that and then some? I must be way out of the loop because this movie is not on my “to see” list. I’ve never heard of “Lord of the Rings” (is it a book or something?). It’s like Harry Potter…I have no interest or desire to see it. Someone fill me in on what this is all about!

Nate – I’m surprised that you haven’t read this trilogy (actually 4 books, if you include “The Hobbit”). “Lord of the Rings” is a fantasy/fiction classic that deals with many socical issues – good vs evil, corruption of power, commaraderie, seeing beyond social stereotypes. Definitely NOT on the order of Harry Potter. Making these into a movie (or series of movies) is a massive undertaking. It’s been tried before, with a lot of animation, and usually with very hokey results. If you haven’t read the books, the story may be lost on you. If you don’t enjoy the genre, then maybe it’s not for you. In any case, I will definitely see this movie.

Why does everyone rag on Tom Bombadil?

He is one of the most important and powerful characters in the trilogy.

I don’t think that Tom Bambadil is a really important character in the story. He’s kind of funny though because he’s probably th most powerful person in Middle Earth but he’s so crazy too. It’s interesting how we never find out how Bill (Sam’s horsie) joins the fellowship.

LOTR is a group of books based on a fantasy world published by a one time Cambridge Professor of Anglo Saxon. It has sold over 100 million copies and is nearly 50 years old. It sparked huge literary contraversy as too it’s merrits (great prose or not?) and has been voted the novel of the century. It was also partly made into an animated feature film in 1978. You can consider your lack of knowledge of this as a great benchmark of your ignorance.

It’s been a while since I read LOTR but I don’t remember Tom Bomadil displaying much of any power. I know Gandalf is like 10 times more powerful then he lets on and Saurman is even more powerful but what about Tommie? heeheh. :slight_smile:


Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, never heard of LOTR? That’s what happens when all you read is Gallery, Penthouse and T-mag ;-), In NZ it was actually voted as the book/s of 20th Century in a nationwide poll, it is definitely different from Harry Potter which is more of a childrens series, The Hobbit was written for the authors children and more basic but the trilogy of LOTR is pretty involved. I suggest you go see the movie as the open minded, intelligent young man you are. BTW I haven’t read the books either but the movie/s are a must see.

Colin, yeah, I’m ignorant because I don’t read fairy tales like Lord of the Rings. Maybe it’s because I have no interest in that type of movie/book. Just like Star Trek and all those other sci fi books, television shows and movies.

Hyphnz, thanks for the feedback. If I'm in the mood to try something a little different, I'll go check out Lord of the Rings. Since I'm not familiar with the story, I fear that I may not understand everything that is going on.

I just got back to check out this thread and noticed that I was being attacked. Oh well, I got ass in my truck in the parking lot after the movie from the girl that let me see it with her. So, Pete and myself both got ass and saw LOTR on the same night…what were you doing? I would recommend this movie to you, Nate Dogg, because even if you haven’t read the books, it’s still a great movie, and the sequels promise to be even more fantastic.

Not even being aware of a book that is contraversial, widlely hearalded as a literary masterpeice, that has sold over 100 million copies, and is now a feature film is the epitome of ignorance. Just because you don’t watch Star Treck and those sorts of movies does mean being completely oblivious is acceptable. You should consult your university for a tuition rebate.

Colin you are so right, the moderator should kick them off the forum! Get a life, if I was you I’d get a tuition rebate because its Star Trek no c, and you should have put “those sorts of movies DOESN’T mean” ya schmuck! To save you time I’ll go F$%K myself now to save you the hassle of flaming me.

I’m a bit surprised that Nate hasn’t heard of Lord of the Rings too, but damn Colin, don’t be a jerk about it. How old are you? 12?