Lord of the Rings

Hey guys - can someone explain to me what Lord of the Rings is? I`ve been seeing some hype about it lately but I have no idea what it is. Is it really old or something? Thanks.

A classic fantasy book (series of books) that practically invented a whole genre, now being made into a live action movie trilogy. Come on, you’ve never heard of the The Hobbit, Frodo?, etc? Are you from the US? Planet Earth? :slight_smile:

To others, are they skipping The Hobbit or is that part of “Lord”?

How many books are in the series “the lord of the rings”? And no Id never heard of the Hobbit etc. Maybe its because Im only 20, and Im not from the US. parle tu francais? thats right - Im from Canada. But actually only like 20% of us speak french, its my second language. Anyways is lord of the rings worth reading or not?

Lord of the Rings is a classic, in fact it was voted book of the century (20th) by the New Zealand public at the time of new millenium. I have never read it (them) but I think 3 in series but I don’t know if Hobbit is one of them just sort of associated (sort of spin off). As for the films THEY WILL BE HUGE! There are millions of fans worldwide. They were filmed in New Zealand and there is huge hype etc here coming into the release.

Lord of the Rings was written to be a childrens story, although it is way too deep for kids. The Hobbit is generally known as the first book and should be read before the others. I don’t recall the order but I think the books are “The 3 Rings”, “The Twin Towers” and “The return of the King” … so with The Hobbit being the first there are 4. He did write a book before “The Hobbit” but it wasn’t really popular. I’m also from Canada and must say that these books are a must read!! Do yourself a favour… read “The Hobbit” if it grabs you like I know it will, you’ll finish the others.

JRR Tolkein was an Oxford literature prof I think back in the 50’s. He wrote The Hobbit (one volume) 1st which was about Bilbo getting the One Ring. Tolkein then wrote a sequel (Lord of the Rings-3 volumes) & in the sequel we find out that the One Ring is a whole lot more important/dangerous than it seems in the Hobbit. Bilbo’s nephew, Frodo, finds out that he was to destroy the ring so he gets a bunch of people together to travel to Mt Doom where the ring was forged. The story covers all the stuff they run into along the way. There are people who even think that Tolkein was trying to make up a mythology for England when he was writing these books. Go to TheOneRing.net™ | The Movies | Previews & Trailers & download all the cool trailers. The people making the movie are pretty much using the books as the script/screenlplay & sparing no expense.

They’re not skipping The Hobbit, there are only the three books in LotR. LotR is a completely different story from LotR & I don’t think reading the Hobbit first is necessary because Bilbo has such a tiny part in Lord of the Rings.

the hobbit is a kinda aside pre-quel. The Lord of The Rings serries could possibly be my favorite set of books ever (w/ return of the king as my fav). Worth a read if you allow yourself to get into the books.

“The Hobbit” (also called “There and Back Again”) is a good read - it is a great work and gives valuable information about the Ring, which is what the next 3 books are about. The next three books are, however, completely separate from “The Hobbit,” and as a series the are called “The Lord of the Rings.” The first book is “The Fellowship of the Ring”, the second is “The Two Towers”, and the third is “The Return of the King”. These books pratically invented modern fantasy writing as we know it today. Tolkien was a comtemporary of C.S. Lewis - anything by Lewis is good too. The movies should be excellent, but I would recommend reading the books before seeing the movie.

Actually, there is a 5th book that was compiled after JRR Tolkien’s death from his notes and mostly written chapters. It deals with the mythology of the creating of the earth and the history of the world leading up to “Middle Earth”, which is the time that The Hobbit and LotR takes place. THe book is titled “The Sylmarillian” (not sure if that’s the totally correct spelling). I’ve started reading this one two times, and haven’t finished it. If you have trouble with LotR, then this one will really be difficult.

Yeah, I have tried to read The Simarillion (maybe that is the right spelling - who knows) and have gotten bogged down. Very wild - Tolkien created a whole new world, what he called Middle Earth, and this is the history book for it.

I thought The Simarillion was written first before “The Hobbit” and the 3 “Lord of the Rings”. Many start but fail to get into it. I had heard his son put together another manuscipt of his after his death.
It has been so many years, I guess I should read them again

Do Balrogs fly?

while the hobbit has some semi strong ties to LotR, "The Simarillion " has very weak ties. As someone else mentioned, it is basically a history book on middle earth and does get rather boring. not really worth reading…

If I remember right, it’s the Nazgul (sp?) that fly, the Balrogs do not.

The biggest problem with the Simarillion is that it was never finished - so it’s largely unedited. I’ve gone through 2 boxed sets of the Hobbit/LotR and love it still. I’ve got a complete chubby thinking about the movie coming.

The Nazgul (aka Ringwraiths) are the guys in the black robes who look like grim reapers and ride around on horses. A Balrog is a spirit of fire. Read the chapter called The Bridge of Khazad-Dum in the Fellowship of the Ring. People are always arguing over whether Balrogs fly because they’ve got wings, but in the book Tolkein never comes out & says that they do.

For all those here that read fantasy I’ll say I read LotR twice and the hobbit, but I think the best fantasy author I have ever read is George R.R. Martin author of the “Song of ice and Fire” series. The first book in this series is “A Game of Thrones”.
One reason this series is so great is because he avoids being trapped into a plot by centering the story around one central character. SO he CAN kill anyone. Meaning he can TRULY scare you about killing characters you have grown to love.
Sorry, I just had to peg the book.
If you enjoy fantasy you’ll thank me for this recommendation.

Actually, I always thought that if some one were to take up the LotR saga from where Tolkien left off, it would be the guy who wrote the Shannara series (I can’t quite get his name from the waaaaay back memory files). Of course, since the Ring series really did come to a close, it would have to be something totally different, possibly with the same characters. But then there’s probably all kinds of legal issues. Looking forward to the LotR movies. Saw an article in Readers Digest, and they said that they were filming all 3 movies at once. Massive undertaking that must have been.

Yeah, they did do all 3 at once, took ages, they will drip feed the series. I think part of the reasoning was ensuring continuity of actors and cost as heaps filmed on outdoor sets throughout NZ. It will be interesting to see if the films live up to expectation, I heard that some of the LOTR crew visited the set of Star Wars II in Aussie and got a pretty cool reception, obviously pretty competitive.