Lord have mercy on the makers of this site

All of the T- men and vixxens might want to check this out also some staffers might want to feast thier eyes on this i cant bear it. http://www.revivalhealth.com/weight1.html

I clicked on the site and it was one of those moments where you wonder if there actually is a God. (course there is, God’s just not all knowing or he/she’d smite that site down)

"MB Eric: Muse of Muscles, since the creation of Olympus, not the camera you moron."


They forgot to mention that “Soy decreases testosterone levels in men.” And Soy “will make you grow lovely man breasts.” And don’t forget that Soy makes you “more sensitive and caring.” Give me a break!

I feel dirty now, I can’t believe I looked at an infomercial website, luckily non-health conscious people will never find it, as it has the word health right in the title.

The fools also forgot to mention that only Asians can absorb soy protein in any appreciable amounts anyway, 88% for Asians vs. an astoundingly low 16% or so for Caucasians. Good Lord I can feel the man boobs growing already not just from the soy flavones but from the complete lack of protein intake.

And how is this site different than the 8 minute abs ads? It is meant to appeal to those who don’t actually want to work at having good health/body.

Hey, who has seen the thin thighs ad? I'm sorry, but thin thighs are called chicken legs. Now, muscular thighs with nice curves, that is the way I want to go. And yup, I am almost there. Will post pic when I am happy! -


Big Plug, I feel like I’ve created bad sectors on my hard drive, now. How am I going to get that crap off of there? :frowning: