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I competed in my first, figure competition at age 48, a college dream, and it has changed my life. I am now a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Specialist/ and yes…Figure Competitor.

I was in the best shape of my life and I love the sport. I placed in the top 5 and it was great! However, if there were more than 5 of us…I probably wouldn’t have placed. Why? Posing was spot on and my body was lean. I was really proud! I enjoyed the entire experience. However, I know the loose skin on my stomach was like a flashing red, light at the edge of a cliff.

After the show, many people talked about surgeries they’ve had, but I really don’t want to do that. It’s not just about me…I am there to empower women to take care of their bodies and achieve great, health, naturally. Therefore, I don’t want to be a hypocrite with my message. I have heard about those body wraps. Do they actually improve the look of your skin? I am not really worried about the loose skin except in competition. I love my body and so does my husband…but I don’t want that to continue to cost me a win on stage. Off season…I’m good. I just want to have a temporary solution to make my stomach skin appear tighter during competition.

My coach had me apply Prep-H, but it couldn’t help in my situation. I did pose a certain way to disguise…but the judges can see and if they can’t, they know why.

Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry, I don’t know of anything short of surgery that will help.

Of interest, I don’t know how common this is, but it seems that some competitions are starting to bring back the one-piece. This from INBA, Ms. Figure Classic. It seems like a good option for women who have skin damage from pregnancy, or women would like to compete but prefer a more modest option.


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If there is any kind of aesthetic place around you, there are some laser treatments (and I think some radio frequency ones that are newer) that can help tighten loose skin. I am looking into it at the skin and vein center near me. I’ve seen some before and after demos that they have done at their open houses and the results are damn good. Of course not as good as surgery but enough to make a very visible difference. I’m planning to do this before my next figure show, because I have loose skin on my lower abdomen and base of the glutes. :frowning:

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It doesn’t address your question about how to make post-baby skin appear tight… but I kind of love this. Reminded me of your thread.

Sometimes the body acceptance movement goes off on an unhealthy tangent, and I don’t like it when it fit-shames people who are working on physique goals, but I think this is really very nice.
Fit mom in a bikini -

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I appreciate you so much:) I think this is what I need to try. Sounds great. Please let me know how it works for you. God bless and ROCK IT OUT at your competition:)

Loved your post so much I shared it on my page on Facebook…this is the sisterhood I’m talking about. Love it!:sunglasses:

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