Looking to Bulk, Help Needed

[quote]creasey21 wrote:
i have just recovered from anorexia[/quote]
Congrats, man. That’s a great accomplishment. And it’s good to see you’re trying to get healthy again. Do you have a mid or long-term goal in mind?

[quote]i go gym monday-friday

training wise i have just started doint the tentiger routine mainly 3sets of 8 reps with 45 seconds rest but thinking of upping the weights more and having longer rests?[/quote]
Resting that briefly (under a minute between sets) won’t really let you build strength or size as efficiently as possible, so I’d definitely look to change that.

I Googled the tentiger routine and what I’m seeing is a full body A/B routine. Is that the one? It doesn’t look terrible at first glance, but it could definitely be improved and there are better-designed plans around.

For example, Dan John’s Mass Made Simple is a solid 3 day a week program:

At your current size, there’s nothing wrong with adding a full pound or more each week. As long as your strength in the gym is also increasing each week, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be putting on lean muscle.

[quote]atm im eating around 2500 calories as i worked out my dee is 2430 so should i be eating more than that if so how much? my diet currently looks like this

does this sound any good if not what else could be done to make better?[/quote]
That’s not a bad template, but it could be tweaked a bit. First of all, it looks pretty low fat. Fat is crucial for a bunch of health and performance reasons.

Also, I understand that you might want to gain slowly, but it sounds like you’re barely eating more than your maintenance calories. Simply switching to whole milk in your protein shakes would go towards correcting both of these issues.

It looks like you’re relying on protein shakes for the majority of your daily protein, rather than having them in addition to a well-balanced diet. Try to squeeze in some more solid food options. Eggs (boiled, scrambled, whatever) are a great and easy snack, packed with protein, healthy fats, and important calories.

Check out these articles for some more ideas about designing a good nutrition plan:
^ Especially consider the “Hour of Power” discussed in here.

^ Great list of basic foods to focus on.

^ A detailed piece that discusses calories in/calories out.