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I have to start off by saying Wow. I can’t believe how good this site is. After Muscle Media just started sucking I had nowhere else to turn. So for the last three to four years I’ve stuck with them and have not used any of the advice from them being so damn turned off by the bullshit they put out. I’m rambling and would have posted this to TC or reader mail but for some reason I can’t get the feedback option (I don’t know if it’s due to a website glitch or my computer) but I’ve been doing the Body-For-Life program for the last month. Although I’ve made good progress, 20lbs of fat loss, I’m really turned off by this program and am upset that such a mediocre training program is being promoted as a “For Life” system in what used to be a hardcore, find your facts and get your questions answered here. Sorry, my question is, since I found T-mag on a stand last week and this site the next day, I want to change my training program. My goal is to get down to 210lbs at 8% bodyfat (from a current weight of 250lbs at 21% body fat). I want to try the T-dawg diet with the German Body Comp. And your supplements look to be solid. I would like to use md-6 and t2. However, I haven’t lifted seriously for the last four years after being emotionally raped by Muscle Media and Bill Phillips (actually, it’s easier to blame them then admit that I’m just a lazy bastard) and was wondering if I should start with something else. I like the outline of T-Dawg and German body comp, but not all programs are to be jumped into. I’d appreciate any help that people could offer. Of course if some of the writers (chris shugart, john Beradi, TC, etc) would respond would be great. The only thing better than that would be if some of the T-vixens sent me some “motivational” photos. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my incoherent thoughts and question.

Bronx, welcome on board. You sound like you’ve got a decent amount of grey matter in your skull, and that’s always appreciated on this board. I can tell you that Biotest’s products are, in my experience, the most effective ones on the market. Both MD-6 and T2 are good. As for your other questions, I think you can jump right into the T-Dawg diet. However, I’d get back into lifting a bit mroe steadily before attempting the GBC workout. It’s pretty gruelling.

Thank you for the welcome and for the compliment. I’m going to start the T-dawg diet as soon as I figure out how much food I need and a store that carries Biotest supplements (what stores in NYC carry Biotest?). I’m just a little unsure of the training aspect. How much aerobics? I was looking at 3 times a week at 15min of interval training. Weight training I plan on doing a traditional chest/shoulders/triceps monday, back/biceps wednesday, and legs friday with 4 sets per exercise at 8-12 reps. Is this an appropriate program? How many exercises should I be doing per bodypart on this diet? Any tweaking or overhauling suggestions are appreciated. I just wanted to say again that you guys put together a fuckin incredible site.

I could write a reply giving all the information that would be helpful however it would confuse the shit out of you. Read the FAQ on the website it is a much better resource. The answer to all your questions is :IT Depends on your indivual body and goals.
Read all the FAQ then read every previous article on this website you will be a mast in no time.

Welcome to our haven amidst the toxic clouds of weightlifiting ignorance and stupidity. Quick, someone fetch a bucket of Grow! for this man! He has suffered much.

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Hey there,
Great to see you on the board, T mag is the shit! I have a couple of questions for you, not trying to stir trouble. BFL is not for everyone, I personally like it for getting me started, I am on my 6th challenge but have tweeked it completely so I guess I am no longer doing the training, but rather the idea of challenging myself works. For you, BFL must be working, and in my mind that is important, not everyone responds so well to a training protocol, so you probably shouldn’t completely dis BFL. My other question, you said you are 250 lbs at 21% bf, that is roughly 197.5 lbs of lean mass, your goal is to be at 210 lbs at 8%, that is 193 lbs of lean mass, why lose the 4.5 lbs of muscle? If you just maintained the 197.5 lbs of lean mass and weighed in at 210 then your bf would be a mind boggling 6%. You would be a freak of nature, or , a TRUE T MAN!


To Knuckledragger: Go ahead and reply. I’m not a newbie to bodybuilding, just a lazy dude at times.

To MB Eric: Yeah, I’d like to try some Grow actually. Again, if anyone can let me know where I can pick up some Biotest supplements in NYC (It’s a little risky having stuff delivered to my house).

To HskrzRule: First let me reply to your last comment. You are right, I just didn’t do the math. I feel the BFL program is good for beginners and I have made good progress. However, I feel that I should change it up now. The whole basis of it being for life just strikes at the core of me. I didn’t mean to come off too harsh on it, it’s just that I’ve been fed drivel for so long I want some real meat.

Actually Bomber, I live on Long Island, and I go to school in the city, so I know of many cool supplement stores. The cheapest by far is a place called “Elite” on 53rd and 8th or 9th. It looks like a drug store from the outside but inside it’s a veritable Willy Wonka’s Factory for bodybuilders. Great prices on Grow! and bars. Post if ya need anything else. Lata.

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MB Eric-I take yesterdays post back, the “oompah loompah” post was the best!

Hey, thanks MB Eric. I actually work not to far from there so I’m going after work today! I appreciate the help everyone. Thanks.