Has anyone seen the ad on TV for this stuff product called Longitude? According to the ad it’s supposed to make your dick bigger. “Up to three inches bigger.” I know it bullshit, but I can’t beleive how outrageous the claims are in the ad. So all you guys that fell for the ad and bought the stuff…let me know if it worked!

funny…first you say ’ i know its bullshit’ and then you say ‘let me know if it worked’.

I didn’t buy the stuff, and I doubt anyone did.
Nothing,except surgery,can make you dick any bigger, and you shouldn’t concern yourself with it. The next best thing you can do is making your dick as hard as possible, and that can be accomplished by using variations of keggels exercises.Do not overdo it,though. It’s natural for every man to want bigger tool, but even those jelq methods can be too dangerous,if done incorectly.