Loaded or Stress-free Life

What would you choose between fairly stressful life that comes with a lot of money or stress-free life that comes with little less money? Best would be both, however that is not an option in near future.

Stress free less money if the less money is still enough.


I managed to creat a very stressful life with very little money.

Would not recommend. :-1:


Good thought experiment, but I imagine both options just involve different stressors. I’d rather be stressed out about the maid stealing stuff than stressed out about choosing between paying the rent and buying groceries.


@SkyzykS Was it because of lack of money or something else?

@Chris_Shugart Stress-free life offers enough money not to worry about rent and groceries, even to save a little bit (not even that little tbh), stress-full life provides enough money for early retirement (at 50 years old) but has huge negative impact on social life and long work hours.

Well, lets call it a cluster, because nothing occurs in a vaccuum.

Starting with coping skills- bad coping skills leads to bad decisions because a lot of the things that would otherwise be somewhat stressful but dealt with well are not dealt with. They’re reacted to, and reactions are usually bad.

I honestly can’t complain because I’ve done Ok, all things considered, and was being facetious about a subject that most people would relate to in the same way I did.

As @Chris_Shugart pointed out too, it depends on the stressors. Theres give & take.

A friend of mine was kind of upset that the bill for getting the rotors balanced on his helicopter coincided with needing new tires for his Porsche. :hushed:
I laughed a little and said "Hell of a set of problems you got there, buddy! :rofl: ".

Behind that though is that he was a top anesthesiologist on a transplant team and often spent 20+ hours in the o.r. on multi organ transplants. Thats stressful, but very rewarding.

But it sounds like you’re trying to make the better (for yourself) of 2 good choices.
There are probably better people on here than me to give input on that.

Good luck!


Not necessarily. The two wealthiest people I know are very different. One works very little and loves socializing. He’s brilliant with money, investing, and having a business that operates largely without him. He works from his island home. The other does put in the long hours and doesn’t socialize much, but absolutely loves his work and doesn’t care much about socializing anyway. Works because he enjoys it; doesn’t even have to at this point.

Both very happy guys, but very different personalities. Neither experiences a negative impact on their lives.

I hate them both. (Kidding, kidding…)


I chose the stressful life (though it hasn’t been nearly as bad as defined above) and I don’t regret it for a minute. Like Chris, I’d rather be stressed about the set of problems that comes with having more than enough instead of the set of problems that comes with having much less.

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I think he was just defining his terms here for a high-stress, high-income
life. Not saying it had to be that way.

Personally i find more enjoyment in building/ improving things which tends towards loaded but fruitful … seems to be to boil down to personal preference as Shugart alluded to

Not possible for who?

Are you asking because you want input on what might be suitable for you?

Loaded and stressed.
Not stressed → depression for me

Devil’s advocate-
Your second sentence suggests that you’re not actually ‘not stressed’ when you think you’re ‘not stressed’.

So you may not know what not being stressed actually means.

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Stress is all a matter of perception. The only thing we can control is our attitude.

@Chris_Shugart I know but I have to make decision for myself and now stress-free and loaded is not possible so I’ll have to find or create that option for myself. I sadly could not and still can not tell all details yet that is why topic is worded the way it is.

@burt128 Glad to hear it. Yeah a lot of money would mean very strange work schedule and “no-stress” situation would still provide more than enough for basic needs and even some luxuries.

@BrickHead I currently have this two options and I need to choose between them or find/create new ones

@magick As @Alrightmiami19c said stress is matter of perception, those 2 options are available at the moment, sure it also could be option in near future but it would require more effort.

I have made my mind about my decision, however it will stay a secret for few days as I have to tell those affected in person.

Opps, sorry. I intended my earlier post for Anna.

As for your original question- I’d always choose a stress-free life. Stress sucks.

You’re honestly probably right

Good luck with that option.

If the parameter is stress free, I’m in. Even the questions in this thread about “which set of stressors” would be a moot point.

I’m envisioning a sort of heroin fueled Willy Wonka existence, except without repercussions or consequences… because there’s no stress.

People work all their lives to get to a place they don’t have to worry, or stress. It never comes. Unless you come from money, a million bucks seems incredible when you’re starting out. It would be enough to buy a shitty condo comparable to your shitty apartment and the left over interest could pay the utilities and groceries. Maybe get an easy part time job for bar money.

Then you have a million bucks later, or a job that will pay a million every 6-10 years or so, and the banks let you borrow like you already have it and then some. But the high rise starts looking good. Or the 3,500 sq foot new home on small acreage or whatever you’re in to. And there are BMWs and Benz’s to pay for, so you stress about maintaining all of that, and getting back on top financially.

Then the Pavati wake boats and a vacation home look good.

Then you need more acreage and a 5,500 sq ft home, and a Ferrari. And the desire for more creates the stress that drives you to keep going and you’re on a hamster wheel. 3,500 sq ft on 6 acres isn’t exciting anymore. You’re stuck, and stale. And you’ll never reach the top, statistically. And even if you did, you’d pay to start a private space exploration company and move the top higher anyways. And you’d never really own any of it, but would run in circles stressed out forever trying to keep it all alive.

Or take the shitty condo but learn to really be happy with it, and the fact that you’re essentially truly free at that point.

Happiest guy I know had a big oil job with a 27h floor window office in Houston. One day he quit on the spot, put his shit in storage, drove to California and got a part time sandwhich shop job so he could surf all the time. He’s in Colorado now, guiding rafting trips. He will probably pop up on a lobster boat in Maine next year.

Beholden to nobody, lives small, has experienced most pay thousands of dollars to do in 4 days of vacation and I’ve never heard him stressed, at least not since leaving his job.


Loaded with money and dealing with stresses.

Being flat broke is fucking stressful. Also, I prefer to live with the stresses I choose to have, rather than the stresses life thrusts upon me.