Loaded or Stress-free Life

“Stress-free” life in that case would not mean flat broke but having enough to meet all needs and save more than quarter of income. High stress would mean much bigger salary and very stressful job that comes with some pretty big downsizes.

Not having anything to pass down to my children feels pretty stressful.

I’ll take the stress so my children and wife don’t have to.


I feel the same way. I’d prefer to have the stress to make sure I don’t fail my family.
Saying that, my dad was a workaholic and hardly spent time with us kids without making much money, I never want to do the same so it makes quite the juggling act!


Stress is about perspective and attitude

i have two brothers who have nothing and don’t seem to stress at all

I myself have been pretty financially successful and sometimes stressed that it will all be gone at retirement

Is that just a worry? I mean, how will it all just disappear?

Its all just a worry…the way the markets are, the country in decline with inflation, insurance costs in florida, gas prices…can’t save as much as a few years ago…predictions of a second great depression by 2030

its all fine, it’s self induced worry because you work all your life and do the right thing then a chance of losing it all that was no cause of our own

self induced worry…thats my point of perspective being the cause of stress


@Andrewgen_Receptors and @Snapped good thinking

@fitafter40 I get your point but to be honest worrying about things that far away and without our control it seems pointless. You might also invest in new big thing or lose much less as you would on alternative investment… Money comes and goes after all.