Liver Elevated?

Hey guys, just joined today, blowing off some time at work. I was recently told by doctor I have an elevated liver and I must get off my protein shake (ON Whey) and well I take that 2 times a day at work, how can I replace this with a high protein food besides chicken because I am getting sick of that.


nuts, peanut butter (all natural), theres plenty of other food out there that contain high amounts of protein.

It’s not the whey only that the dr. is trying to get you to stop, it’s to lower your protein consumption. What the dr. likely does not know is that any time you have a higher protein diet you are going to have higher liver values. That does not mean anything other then you have a working liver.

I’m sure any other doctor on here can chime in with more info on how a high protein diet does absolutley nothing bad to your liver (if you don’t already have liver problems)

Well I guess the thing is I have a chemical hepatitis, I just found out and something is going into my body if its the protein shakes or something from alcohol, I will have a couple of beers a month, so I need to figure out what it is, and basically I need to alter my diet, so I can keep muscle up and its hard to do that at work.

Youll be fine. Liver values can be elevated from working 24-48 hours before the test.

Well, it’s hard to tell what, if anything, is going on with so little information.

There are medicines or drugs which can challenge the liver too.

Regardless of the ultimate reason, it might be worth looking into something like milk thistle. It’s not a cure all but it is generally beneficial…
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used since Greco-Roman times as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver problems. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries physicians in the United States used milk thistle seeds to relieve congestion of the liver, spleen, and kidneys.

Today, several scientific studies suggest that active substances in milk thistle (particularly silymarin) protect the liver from damage caused by viruses, toxins, alcohol, and certain drugs such as acetaminophen (a common over the counter medication used for headaches and pain; acetaminophen, also called paracetamol, can cause liver damage if taken in large quantities or by people who drink alcohol regularly.)

Many professional herbalists recommend milk thistle extract for the prevention and/or treatment of various liver disorders including viral hepatitis, fatty liver associated with long term alcohol use, and liver damage from drugs and industrial toxins such as carbon tetrachloride.

Did you work out two days prior to your test? If so, tell your doctor this. He will know that this can affect the levels of several indicators and will schedule a retest. Be safe and don’t workout for 4 days prior to this, so you can be sure of your situation before pursuing a course of treatment.

If you didn’t work out, don’t start on the milk thistle straight away. It would be stupid to treat the symptom without understanding the cause. Try and identify the reason your levels are how they are by restricting your diet as you have done. If you don’t have luck, then ask your doctor about milk thistle as a supplement.