Liposuction and fat cell regeneration?

Once liposuction has occurred (for example, on the abdominal area), is it safe to assume those fat cells will absolutely never regenerate? The answer seems obvious, I know, but Lipo is relatively new in the evolutionary scheme of things, so maybe the body could get stimulated to generate new cells in the presence of excessive calories. If not, will other fat cells in the body “take up the slack” and store the fat that would have been stored in the removed cells (e.g., will one’s ass get fatter than it would if the lipo hadn’t occurred?) I’ve never seen these questions posed or adequately answered before. Thanx

Once a cell is gone, it’s gone. However, you can still get fat. Too many calories and the remaining cells will expand. They don’t necessarily “pick up the slack” or “regenerate.” It’s simply the same process that existed before with fewer cells involved.

I agree. But, I had a client who had lipo done and then could not get rid of her tricep fat, which was never a problem before. She said that is something they don’t tell you. That the next area prone to expanding fat cells could be worse. I think if you understand that it is not something that is done to fix your bad diet, then you are ok. I visited with Dr. Nadler and we agreed that I should diet down to where I felt comfortable and then have it done. I’m talking about ab sculpting, not full blown lipo. As an alternative, he said growth hormone replacement will lower you down without a change in diet. His bodyfat level had creeped into the 16%. One year later on growth hormone and testosterone it is now at 10% and he still has wine/beer.