Legit Clomid

I have recently acquired some Clomid and was wondering if anyone out there has purchased the same product and can help me determine if it is legit. The tablets come in a silver foil push through strip with 12 tablets. The tablets are white with a line through the middle. On the foil it has blue writing and the print says:
It also has a lot# and exp. date imprinted on the bottom. Any help would be greately appreciated.

They are legit.

BTW Put one in your mouth and
suck on it for 5 seconds…Only clomid tastes
that bitter.

It helps alot to load up on the clomid. Take 300mg day one and then 50mg a day after that…You’ll be able to get a helluva nut!!! It’s great! I wanna stay on it for life.

There really isn’t a counterfit clomid problem. Just not the kind of product scammers are going to waste their time on.