Kiss your Mind&Muscle Power magazine Goodbye?

Hey guys, any fans or followers of the Warrior Diet and Mind&Muscle Power magazine out there? Called the mag today because I didn’t receive my issue for November, and was told that the mag, only 11 months into publication, is not publishing any more!!! (out of business…) Anyone know what the hell is going on?? What a trip!

You mean you subscribed to it? Just kidding with you. I think M&MP’s problem?was that, if you take out the articles by the T-rone staff, you basically have the same stuff from the Men’s Health and Fitness section of Penthouse, without the double-headed dildo penetrations, of course. That lame-ass Jane Garrard chick seems to write all the articles, with information gleaned from the website of the New England Journal of Medicine. Hmmm, when I spoke to Ori on the phone in February this years, when he was giving me Warrior Diet advice, he was making it sound like the magazine was flying off the shelves. One would think Penthouse could have subsidized M&MP for a little longer.

I received my November issue, but haven’t received one for December. I haven’t heard anything about it going down. I wouldn’t think they would go down already! Not with all the Penthouse readers who probably subscribe.

The only reason I subscribed in the first place was because Poliquin was writing articles. That’s how I found T-mag. So if M&MP goes down, it won’t be a big deal because I already have the best training info here! And all the articles were reprints!

But I would like to know the true story. You can’t rely on rumors. Isn’t that how wars start?

I think TC mentioned this in Reader Mail 2 or 3 issues ago. Yes, M and M Power is no more. I think it might have had something to do with the some financial troubles with Penthouse. I don’t think Bob Gucciani (sp?) is in the best of health either. I could be wrong about that, though. I guess there’s a possibility another company may buy it and start it again, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

It was an okay mag. Most of the really good stuff was given to them by T-mag in exchange for some ad space. I wrote a couple of original columns for Power, but most of their stuff was re-prints from T-mag.

United Media, owners of Penthouse and Mind & Muscle Power and many other media properties, are in the process of selling many pieces of their company, reportedly due to the ill health of Bob Guccione, owner of the whole shebang. The staff of Mind & Muscle Power are seeking financing and attempting to re-publish the magazine. If and when that happens I’ll post it here so everyone will know.

I don’t know, seems to me that if you’re a player in the business world, you would do all the projections and stuff before you launch a national magazine…I mean, why go through the trouble and work of launching it with the Warrior diet gimmick and book promise and the supplements they were gonna start selling, and then just dump it?

Hey, I am not too happy about M&MP quitting either. I bought one issue when I was interning in CA and thought it was the best muscle mag around. I even wanted to subscribe but something held me back. They mentioned T-mag and then I discovered what was really the best.

So, my friends, don’t dispair! I mean, TV shows get cancelled after a couple of episodes, businesses go bankrupt, and, well, magazines close. Shit happens and no one can plan for that or incorporate that into their market forecasting software.

It was a good mag and I subscribed to it. How do I get my money back. I’ll take a Penthouse subscription instead and no harm done.

I enjoyed that mag. The neuro-transmitter and detox articles were good.Oh well there’s always MuscleElegance.

armstrong…what’s MuscleElegance? never heard of it

“Featuring the World’s Sexiest, Nude Female Bodybuilders & Hardbodies!” Just do a web search for MuscleElegance.

I would not expect them to have anything to do with strength training unless you broaden that concept to include a certain unilateral compound bicep/tricep/shoulder movement. Remember to periodize the tempo for greater effect. Also, remember the weak hand … errrr … side rule.

(With apologies to Charles Poliquin and Ian King.)