Killing What He Created?

I know that this is a somewhat rhetorical question, but I would REALLY like you guys thoughts.Is the Weider Group trying to destroy what it essentially created (Women and Mens’ Bodybuilding Contest), and one of it’s “Premier” events, (The Olympia),OR are their actions more an attempt to have them both survive? Case in point. A 42 year old IFFB JUDGE wins the Women’s Overall, and based on the pics I’ve seen, Coleman was NOT the best physique on stage last night. Joe Weider knows this buisness much better than I can ever hope to know it. But again…just searching for you guys thoughts…

Any thoughts?

I agree. Contrary to what Papa Joe claims in his rags, bodybuilding on the pro level I feel is decreasing in popularity. Papa Joe believes the way to keep interest in it is to fuel the fueds that are currently raging in the pro ranks. For example, the competitors were tacitly encouraged to bitch at each other at the Pre-Olympia Press Conference. Is it any coincidence that the placings reflected the feuds? Coleman over Levrone, Ray over Cormier, Ray over Kamali, Kamali over Titus? This kinda shit gets old fast. Coleman did not have the best physique. In my opinion, he was fourth. Interest in pro bodybuilding would rise if Papa Joe pushed for in the pro ranks what he harps about in his monthly rags, “a healthy, great looking physique”. This is an oxymoron when dealing with guys that take loads of gear, but some look better than others. Ray should have won, followed by Levrone, then Cutler. If Papa Joe wants to have the Olympia survive past his death (which has to be soon, the guy looks awful) have the current champ dethroned! Don’t continue this absurd thought that is “understood” that the defending champ always wins. It’s stupid. Stir up controversy by this, instead of fueling stupid fueds in your rags and press conferences.

On a side note, I hope most of you T-men got a chance to listen to the Pre-Olympia Press Conference. Wayne DeMillia was put majorly on the spot by Shawn Ray concerning the "athletes" being able to receive sheets revealing each judges individual scores. DeMillia trys to defend it with Ray, but under pressure from the others and the crowd, does a fast 180. Check it out.

Thank you thank you thank you!! I felt like I was the only one who noticed that the Weider’s are trying to kill the sport of bodybuilding (men and women). I haven’t seen all the photos of Coleman, but from what I have seen, he has a bigger barrel belly than at last years O. And this is supposed to be the primo in male physique? Yeah, right and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.

The Ms O is a fucking travesty. A former IFBB judge competing? Oh, no conflict of interest there. Look, I have seen only three or four pics, so maybe she was the best, but all the reports I have read indicate that Andrulla and Iris Kyle were robbed. It has been obvious that Weider has been trying to kill women's BB for a few years. Just the fact that the Fitness O and Ms O prejudging were scheduled together tells you something. Let's just make the two sister sports compete for audience.

Oh, by the way, Juliette Bergman scored a perfect 20. Check out the score sheet on Nah, no fix there.

The Fitness O is bullshit too. Can someone explain to me how Suzy Curry out scores Timea in the one and two piece round?!?!? I understand the routine rounds (Timea ain't much of a gymnast), but she is absolutely stunning and in my humble opinion, has the perfect female form. Last I knew she was 38 24 35. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Actually, I figure the IFBB judges don’t want women. They want 14 y.o. boys with tits. That is why Timea and Bethany Howlett will never stand a shot at winning O or most contests. They look like women.

Just my two cents.

I can’t agree with you guys more! That’s sort of cool, Screel; I had my “personal placings” about the same, with Ray at the top, followed by Levrone and Cutler! Again…NONE of these guys are little men…in my opinion they just had the lines and symmetry of an aesthetic physique. So to those that always argue that “I ain’t goin to no contest to see a Men’s Health Guy…!” that’s all B.S…you can be big AND aesthetic.

Geek: I’m with you also. No conflict of interest in a former (AND long term IFFB judge) winning the overall Ms. O? PPllleease…that one I just don’t get. Joe HAD to know that that would cause a problem, irregardless as to whether Juliette had the best physique or not. And regarding Timea. There have been MANY complaints among the competitors (with many stopping competition altogether) that the fitness contest had become gymnastics contest. And in what seems to be the “modus operandi” of the IFBB, most wins favor NOT a combination of aesthetics, strength and general routine, but some extreme, unattainable by the average Jane, (unless she has a strong gymnastics backgroud with the supporting physique).Timea (although one of those atheletes with such a “global” appeal) will never win one of these contest.

On a side note, I saw a few classic pics of Cory Everson in Jeff Everson’s “Planet Muscle” the other day…Don’t tell me that a woman cannot have muscle and still be drop-dead gorgeous…

I’m not sure what you guys were expecting from Weider. “Weider” and “integrity” don’t exactly go hand in hand. Arnold makes his comeback at the '80 Mr Olympia, a show of hands from people who believe Arnold won the event, and now a show of hands from people who believe Weider gave him the event to pay him back for everything he’d done for the sport.

Dorian Yates tears his bicep, his arm is all fucked up, yet he wins the '94 Mr Olympia. When I looked at the photos, i saw a bunch of other guys on the stage that didn’t have a shriveled up left bicep.

So Ronnie Coleman, looking like he was a hidding a keg of beer behind his abs, wins it this year. And you guys are surprised?

Weapons: Absolutely no disagreement with you…and MOST DEFINITELY not surprised. But my question for all of you remains the same (and maybe Joe Weider is the only one who knows): What is Joe’s goal? Will he ultimately DESTROY what he has created OR are his actions the only way to survive?

As much fun as it is, Joe Weider, these days in his mid-70’s doesn’t really get invovled in the day-to-day ops of the magazine empire. Last I knew, he was trying to sell the nutrition division. As far as the placings and other missteps by those in charge of the “O”, take aim, perhaps at DeMillia, Wright, Scalisi , McGough and those others perhaps who choose the judges and format. One caveat, the names previously mentioned may not be invovled, but they have to be considered since they mainly run the mags.

So, I do not believe that Joe personally is trying to kill anything, I believe that he really doesn’t have much to say or do in the publicly traded Weider group.

It’s popularity has been waning for years. Apparently, nobody wants to watch dudes in bikinis. Good.

I was at the Ms. O and I can definitely say that in my opinion it was fixed for Juliet Bergman ( ifbb judge ) to win! There is no way she should have even won her class, and there is no way on this earth or any other planet she could have defeated Iris Kyle for the overall title. It wasn`t even close but guess what they had her winning in a run away sweep! Keep this up and womens BB will be dead by the next Ms. O…

It’s business as usual. You’ll only find a couple of years where there wasn’t a controversy. Even if you go back to the very early Mr. O’s, you’ll find just as much BS (example: Arnold beating Sergio in Munich). The Mr. O and IFBB aren’t killing themselves, they’re doing the exact thing they’ve always done. As for the Ms. O, I though Bergman fit in with the direction they want to take women’s bodybuilding, she looked great. Also, she’s much more than just a former IFBB judge. During the 80’s she was one of the premiere women in bodybuilding. Bottom line, bodybuilding contests are no different from beauty pagents, the placings and results are purely subjective.