Just Starting Out - Again!

Hi everyone, just starting out again after a few failed attempts to get into (& hopefully improve on) the shape I was in 10 years ago.

I have worked behind a desk for 8 years now and this combined with a gradual decrease in training and a few injuries has left me seriously out of shape.

I’ll be looking through the other beginners posts and some of the articles for inspiration.

If you’ve taken the time to read this then thanks & I hope I can contribute to the forum.



PS - I hope this link is useful to somebody.



Welcome to T-Nation! You are on the right track by:

  1. coming to this website, and
  2. determining to read before trying to post a lot.

There’s truckloads of useful information in the articles and the forums. The Beginners Forum has some great places to start: vroom’s “Are you a Beginner?” and “New to T-Nation.” If you need guidance and motivation, you’ll find it here!

Thanks for the response TShaw.

There’s certainly a lot of information on here, far more than on other sites, & I’m just trying to wade through it all.

I get married in 7 months so it’s not as though I don’t have the motivation!