Just Started Using CJC-1295. What Can I Expect?

Only the peptides that affect ghrelin. MK677 and I think GHRP2 or 6, both of those do. Ipamorelin and Tesamorelin don’t, don’t think CJC does either. You shouldn’t have to deal with it

Is Ipamorelin a GHRH analog (body can’t tell the difference between Ipamorelin and GHRH)? See my post in this thread (post 22 I think). I am not sure if my explanation is correct on how MK and Ipamorelin work in different spots of the HGH control loop.

Your explanation looks correct, I think, but I’m not expert on this.

MK acts on ghrelin, which has its own growth hormone stimulating ability. CJC and Ipamorelin act on different receptors, so they work best combined together

Edit: quick search CJC is a GHRH and Ipamorelin is a GHRS, both act on the pituitary directly

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I wrote this a few months ago. Might help you.

I did a search and it said Ipamorelin “is a peptide selective agonist of the ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS) and a growth hormone secretagogue”.

I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. I think MK is a ghrelin mimic (which ghrelin signals HGH production in the pituitary, and GHRH in the hypothalamus). I think Ipamorelin signals both more ghrelin and GH production?

My first experience with GHRP-2 was intense hunger. I was surprised at how intense it was since I’ve read it should only minimally stimulate appetite whereas GHRP-6 was much more intense.

I’m nearly done with my GHRP2 vial and am about to move onto GHPR6. Should be interesting.

If that’s the one I’m thinking of, later down the article it says it has no action on ghrelin and won’t increase hunger. So I think they just got it confused while profiling several different peptides

Could be. Some of this stuff is pretty hard to understand because the different online sources screw up their information.

Ghrelin would act in the hypothalamus first, while Ipa and CJC are on the pituitary.

Yeah it does get confusing. And a lot of the info is from clinics selling the peptides, and I feel like they copy/paste from one to another

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Maybe my diagram is wrong? It looks like Ghrelin works on both the hypothalamus and on the Pituitary.


Let us know. I tried MK667 but the hunger was insane. I’d wake up starving every day on 25mg before bed.

I take a Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin combo now, and while there’s no hunger, it’s hard to tell the physical benefits. Hair grows faster, deep sleep, intense dreams. No extra weight loss or crazy gym gains yet

No I’m sure I’m wrong lol. Could be hypothalamus for appetite/energy regulation and pituitary for GH release?

I am not sure you are wrong. Learning science on the internet is difficult as the information isn’t always reliable.

I think this might be right though.

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What dosing schedule & amounts are people using with a blend of cjc-1295 w/ipamorelin?

I’m assuming there’s a “longevity” protocol as well as a bodybuilding one.

Hey all, I did some internet searching and found the current LabCorp ‘Normal’ ranges for IGF-1 for different age groups.Not that it helps me anymore because I’m being forced to switch to QUEST. Need to do some additional searching to find their age-adjusted ranges. Here’s a table of the normal ranges. Next I’ll change my graph and repost.

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My updated graph with current LabCorp IGF-1 normal ranges for setting IGF-1 maintenance goal.

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Found QUEST IGF-1 Normal Ranges. They have a bit wider ranges than LabCorp and they do not separate men an women. However, by my calculations, the mid-range for 25-25 is about the same, which is ~218 for QUEST and ~200 for LabCorp.
IGF-1 QUEST Normal Ranges

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Week 3 on CJC w/IPA

Still feeling the warmth after injecting but I’m starting to kind of like it.

It also definitely feels like it curbs my appetite after injecting. I wonder if it elevates glucose or something like that to make you not feel hungry.

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It could be a placebo effect but I think I’m starting to feel a better sense of well being as I wrap up the 3rd week. Also, libido seems to be up as well.

I think I’m also noticing some water retention.

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