Jmiller10's FIREADY Log

My name is Jordan Miller. I am 30 years old. I’m married, and have a 4 year old daughter. I am a Firefighter/Paramedic for the city of San Gabriel Fire Dept. I have been in the fire service for about 7 years total. I have always been very into fitness. I have been a member of a crossfit gym, as well as have my own home garage gym. Working as a firefighter, it is very important to stay ready for the job. There is a huge difference between being in shape and looking good, and being in shape for the job itself. Firefighting often requires very strenuous hard work at a moments notice without any warm up. It requires you to push your body past your comfort zone because the people we are serving deserve that. This program will be the first program I participate in that is specifically geared towards the fire service. I am excited for the challenge ahead of me, and I know that this program is going to lead the way for future fire departments to incorporate into their fitness routines to get them “job” ready.


Completed Day 1 Block 1

Started with Zercher Squats at 115 lbs 3x12
This was difficult at first because I was unfamiliar with this movement. I felt by engaging my core during the squat I felt more comfortable with the weight. The tempo of these squats is everything, making it much more difficult than expected. I finished all sets, and was really feeling it by set 3

The next round was Bench Press at 185 lbs 3x12
This felt good, however the tempo made the final set much more difficult.

Chin Ups 3x12
These were very difficult for me, and I required a band to assist in my chin ups. I completed all 12 the first set, the next set was broken up into 6 and 6. My last set was broken up in 4, 4, 4. I only rested the 15 seconds between sets

Last set was Rack Pull Below Knees at 185 lbs 3x12
I completed all the required reps, and I feel that I could maybe up my weight slightly

Overall it was a great workout if you follow the directions on tempo. Did not feel overly sore the next morning. Looking forward to Day 2

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Completed Day 3 at home today.

I couldn’t do Day 2 since I don’t have a sled at home. This workout involved explosive movements. I thought it was an overall good training day, and I was able to do the whole workout from my garage

Box Jumps 3x5
I loved this movement, but I believe it should have increased reps. I did it at 24inch box. I ended up doing 3x10 on my reps

Squats 3x6
I did this movement explosive as possible at 205lbs.

Broad Jumps 3x5
This was a good movement for explosive reps.

KB swings 3x10
I did 70 lbs on my KB. Really focused on being explosive, and keeping good form

Plyo Bench 3x5
I did 3x10 on this movement. I felt I needed more reps

Bench Press 3x6
I did 185 lbs, and I felt like it was a good weight. I focused on an aggressive press

I took 600 ml of Surge pre workout. And 600 ml post workout.

I am not currently taking surge before bed due to it being difficult to sleep

The workout was good, and I felt comfortable. I believe this workout can have increased reps on some of the movements though.


Hey Guys!

Been very busy this week. But I got in week 2 day 1.

I felt good during the workout, and it was a nice change doing 75% 5x5 reps.

Front squat 185 lbs
Bench press 255 lbs
Deadlift (don’t have trap bar) 275 lbs
Chin ups

Overall it was a good workout.

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Hey guys, I finished week 3 day 1 workout today. I had to modify some of the movements again due to not having the gear at home.

I did a heavy rack pull at 265 lbs
Modified with a farmers carry 100 ft holding an 80 lb dumbbell

I then did the Pendly Row at 185 lbs

I was unable to do a sled pull, so I just did a jog with a weight vest

My bench press was at 255 lbs

My sandbag carry was with a 100 lb sandbag

I really liked this workout because it was heavy weight and low reps, but I kept moving throughout the workout and really felt my cardio during the sandbag carry.

Felt good, and looking forward to the rest of the week

Finished week 3 Day 2

This was by far my favorite workout thus far. It was challenging, and a great mix of heavy weight with descending reps, and metabolic conditioning
My only modification was that I did a 100 ft sandbag carry instead of a sled sprint. The workout took me about 40 mins to complete with the prescribed rest periods. Overall I feel good, and this was a perfect workout relatable to a fire ground pace and workload.