JB and Others:Fish Oil Caps; Good Source?

It seems like a lot of you guys use fish oil caps as a good source of EFA’s. Two questions:1)Who do you guys reccommend as having a good product? 2) If I’m using Udo’s, and Olive Oil, would I still benefit from fish oil caps?

P.S. How many do you take per day, and the why that amount?

Twinlab’s Dale Alexander Super MaxEPA softgel capsules. I use these because they have only
25 calories total for every 750 mg of combined DHA/EPA, which works out to 33 calories per gram of DHA/EPA. So, 6 grams is only 200 calories. With many, most, or maybe all other products, 6 grams worth of DHA/EPA is a lot more calories.

I use that amount because it was the minimum recommended by John Berardi.

Thanks, Bill. TwinLab has always appeared to run a quality company. Do you use additional fats (Udo’s, Flax, Olive Oil, etc.) IN ADDITION to the pills?

I use the fish oil from Sams. Ive read on this site that it was good quality. I take at least 6 and sometimes up to 15 per day. Depends on what im doing that day. But im always sure to get 6.

Please forgive my interjecting, but I have always wanted to know why these fats (such as flax seed oil) are essential. I have always heard people rambling about them, and it seems like I should consciously incorporate them into my diet, but I would like to know what they do.

Mufasa, I asked John Berardi about whether there was any point to adding flax as well when using the fish oil at the dosage he recommends, and he said it was not necessary but might not be a bad idea (if I am paraphrasing correctly.) Sometimes I use ground flax mixed in with protein shakes, makes them kind of chewy. However, I was doing that when using a mix of Grow and CFM whey. With Advanced Protein as the other protein, or just Advanced Protein straight, I haven’t wanted to mess with the taste and if I had flax oil already in the refrigerator, I’d probably be taking a tablespoon per day of it as well.

Leo G., “essential” means that the body can’t produce/synthesize the compound, and that it is necessary for healthy functioning, and ulimately, life–i.e., you will eventually die without an essential nutrient (including essential amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals). Omega-6 defficiency is almost unheard of, as they are found in many, many foods, but Omega-3’s are hard to come by. Basically, fish oil and flax are the only plentiful sources around. An early warning sign of essential fatty acid defficiency would be dry, cracked skin or hair that is falling out.