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OK, I started dieting at June 15th and eventhough I am far from being at least remotely satisfied, I will stop today. I already talked about this, I’ve been a fatass for most of my life, right now I am 26, when I was 25 I started dieting in the wrong way and from 275 lbs@40% bf or so ended up being 152@cca 15-16%, I was a walking skeleton (btw. I am 5 ft 11) and lost heaps of muscle along the way, something I’ve been fighting with for the past year and a half. It was exactly one year ago, and that is why I stopped dieting today, it’s sort of “mental” thing. If I am now at 15-16 % or less, it would mean a net gain of approx 31 lbs of muscle in exactly one year. I tried everything, T-Dawg for 6 weeks, cyclic ketogenic dieting for 6 weeks, balls to the wall eating for 9 weeks, and in the past 4,5 months I was eating 2000-2200 kCal, 50-60 g good fats, 260 g protein and cca 140-150 g carbs, trained 4x/week, 4xcardio/30-40 min/week, and melted off exactly 33 lbs of pure blubber and water. I will do Massive Eating for the next six weeks and then cut for the 3 weeks. Btw. you can see some pics taken today, very low quality, at Have a good laugh, that is what they are for - btw. I am there completely glycogen depleted, cold, unflexed and I did not flex a single muscle, just put my hands in the air.

Sorry, I forgot, just to put things into perspective, this is an old photo of me, approx . 2-3 years ago… Sorry once again. I guess the difference is obvious.

Sasa, wow, have you been on some journey. Forgive me if I missed something (I read your post a couple of times) but I’m not sure if you’re simply posting your results or are looking for direction on where to go from here? I checked out your pics… nothing to laugh at. You have made some outstanding gains and losses. Did you say you put on 31 pounds of muscle in one year? And did you say you’re not happy? Fill me in a little more here. Also, when you say “diet” I assume you mean a cutting diet. I generally refer to diet as whatever meal plan I’m on, whether it’s gaining or losing. If you stopped cutting today, don’t go heavy into massive eating right away. Give yourself a week or two adjustment time.

Growth, thank you. I remember your posts and pics, I think… great job too, in fact mega-great, I was impressed. Yes, I meant cutting/restrictive diet. I do not know why I posted this, bragging I guess. I have a long way in front of me, but with a little help from my friends :-), it will be just fine, I hope. I think I will do the maintenance for the next week and then bulk for five weeks. I tried to celebrate this today and found out I was unable to eat garbage! :slight_smile: Anyway, my friend Draz has some great results and I would like to post his URL so you can check out his progress, he looks good, I am impressed. Draz?

I never like to judge a picture until I know where that person came from. You’ve made some stunning progress that you should be really proud of.

This skin pouch arond my waist is a bitch though. If I grab the skin and pull it down, I actually have sort of full ab-pack! The skin is rather thin, but in excess, so it looks like I have a spare tire down there. :slight_smile: I hope I will never fill it up again though…

Sasa: I agree with Big…it’s about where a man’s been, baby, and where he is now! You look great! I’m still a “work in progress” (as I imagine MANY on this Forum are!)And I look forward to the day I’m ready to share all my pics with you guys. It should be fun!

Well,I didn’t want Sasa to post my pics, because first of all I am not a bodybuilder. Sure,I want to look good,but as far as the training goes I spent more time doing powerlifting and martial arts training than actual bodybuilding.Sasa can verify that I am definitely Tate/Tsatsouline/Davies type of guy. Anyway, the address is: . In those pics I am 167@5’7, and I am the guy in the middle in group photos. (Crazyvet- I am studying veterinary medicine)

Sasa - congrats on your progress. I’ve been down the same road, though not as extreme. Looks like you have built a good foundation for getting to the body of your goals.

Draz: Great pics! I thought “CrazyVET” was because you guys were some ex-commandos or something! Seriously…you guys look like Pavel had beat on you few times and you had dodged your share of ordinance in Chetsnya!Hardcore for sure! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your pics!

Mufasa, I was surprised by Draz’s appearance, he looks good. He is natural all the way, I can guarantee that (does not apply to the guy on his right side though :-). Anyway, crazy mofo deadlifts 350 lbs strictly at a bodyweight of 160. He got me interested in all that and I did 5x5 for the last 8 weeks of my diet, to the contrary of the common high-rep-during-dieting belief. During the last training session I went completely medieval on myself and did 5x5x330 lbs with straps - I have a handgrip of the complete weakling. After that, I experienced neural/system shutdown and after showering and downing pw nutrition all I could do is put myself to bed and try to restore the expended energy. However, Draz is a real inspiration to me because we got to know each other pretty well eventhough he lives 100 miles away and he has a lot of courage and energy when it comes to moving some serious poundages. When I have a bad day in the gym (a bit too often, if you ask me, but that is related to my way of life, working in shifts and personal issues) I always remember his deadlifts and it gives me a kick in the ass. :slight_smile: My main problem is that I tried every possible diet in the past 18 weeks, strayed away a couple of times and found out what works for me and what does not work. During the process, the net gain was 30+ pounds of muscle while mostly dieting. My last dieting round was for 4,5 months, but I was dieting before that too. I consider this to be very important - I have brought my nutrition to something I consider to be almost perfect. I have been using food log for almost two years and I cannot imagine eating like I did for the first 25 years of my life. Looking at the people in the gym doing futile exercises, excessive cardio and playing around with foo-foo midget weights while chewing some sugar-fat filled donuts makes me laugh. However, I have a long way in front of me and I do not plan to stop… not ever! Thanks for the support, guys and keep up the good work!

Mufasa,thanks for the support! I appreciate it. Especially the commando compliment, such things really motivate me.
As for Sasa, he inspires me too,because he had so many obstacles to overcome, and the best thing is- he never complaints about anything. If he feels he needs to do something, he just do it,end of story.

nothing like a couple of Tbrothers talking deadlifts and looking rugged! The deadlift is actually my favorite lift and is definitely not for the weak-minded! Sasa, once again, you have made stunning progress and I’m sure you’ll continue on that path. And Draz, if I ever get over in your neck of the woods, I’ll challenge you to a deadlift contest (my best is 370 at 178 pounds this August). Great physique as well!

Cam,you’re on! I am a very competitive guy,I am sure we would have a very close contest. BTW I deadlift once every two weeks,what about you?

I usually deadlift once a week, but it depends on how I feel…at times, leaving more time in between dead workouts lets me come back stronger than before. Do you alternate doing squats and deads each week, or do you just dead lift and squat every two weeks? I’m looking for an optimal program, and it seems like you’re on the right track. Fill me in, so I can bump my dead up a bit more!!!

Cam,this may come as a surprise to you, but I hardly ever do squats.I have naturally big and strong legs and hips,so basically deadlift is all I need.Less known strength trainer Charles Poliquin agrees with me on that. I used to do both squats and deads,but never on the same week.(BTW I never use a belt)

Who the hell is the giant on the right in this picture?
It looks like you’ve expanded his photo and pasted it in! hahaha.

Nathan, that guy isn’t even a bodybuilder, he is thai boxer/powerlifter (strange combo,I know),and now I realize he makes me look too freakin’ small. He weighs 246lbs.