Is my training program right?

Hello, I would just like to know if my training program is ok, and what you would suggest me. First, I must tell you that I do not know the names of the exercices. So if you tell me to do lat pull rows and stuff, I’m lost :wink:

I train at home. I have :
Bench press (that I can use for squats), calf raises, trapezoid (right word?) raises, etc. A curl bar for biceps, ajustable free weights, a pulley machine that allows me to do triceps pull down, and other exercices.

Now, My program. I personally find that I’ve put all the big stuff in one day, and all the small stuff in the other one. Also, that makes me wana do only the chest/biceps day… I know this program isn’t right. I train 4 times a week, I like training weekends. For now, I do day1, day2, rest, day1, day2, 2 days off… but yeah, you guessed, too easy to skip days… I want a “fixed” schedule.

Day1: abs, pecs (bench, and incline bench with dumbbells, in a circular motion you know what I mean I hope.), biceps (using two different grips), triceps I do two kinds of exercices using a pulley). Finally, I lift the bench bar for trapezoids).

Day2: abs, higher back with a pulley (pull bar to neck and also, a knee on a bench dumbbells pulls, then lower back I do (how is this named). Well I grip a bar on the floor (always keeping back straight), and I raise, then put it back on ground with a lil knee flex to keep back straight… Is this good mornings? Then shoulders, 2 kinds of exercies with dumbbells. I lift from body side to shoulder level side, and do the same but for front). Then I squat, I do calf raises, and I do hamstrings curls.

Okay, I know this program doesn't make any sense. I would really need help =) Consider the material I have, and if you suggest me exercices, please explain them to me or refer me to a link or something. Thanks alot !!!!

Hum, just forgot. For now, I do 3 sets of 10 reps on each bodypart. But, If I split my routing into 4 days, ill have alot more tome on each bodypart, so must i do like 4-5 sets? Thanks to take time to awnser me, really important to me.

you HAVE to go pick up a book or 2 so you can see proper form for most exercises, the training programs in alot of books are crap but you can see how the exercises are done, or atleast do a search on your pc and check EVERY site you can for exercise form, you sound like a young kid so you can also check a couple of local gyms, if you don’t have money to join tell the owner you’ll come in when HE wants you to and help him clean up or whatever if he lets you work out there, you will be suprised how many gym owners will say sure if you show them your serious (thats how I got my first gym membership) ask him to help you w/ proper form. just remember most programs you will read about in the mags are NOT real or there real but these guys are on HUGE amounts of steroids (no don’t even think about it) split your body in half ex. chest,delts,triceps one day, next day off, then legs,back,biceps the next day, then another day off, then start over, this works best on set days like mon,wed,fri, then sat&sun off if you like working out on weekends make it tues,thurs,sat do one exercise per bodypart for 3-5sets after warm-up, keep your reps 4-10, and EAT, try to get protien as the main part of every meal. good luck and don’t give up

J-F: “Young Gun”…it sounds like you need to back up and start with some basics. Believe me; EVERYONE on this site had to start from somewhere and many of us spent a lot of years of “trail and error”. You don’t want to do that. You really need a solid understanding of muscle groups (which helps you in turn understand the names of MOST exercises) and a basic understanding of fundamental nutrition.

Two of the best BEGINNER resouces out there are 1) The Weider Group's Beginning Programs (Usually run in "Muscle and Fitness" once or twice a year). Most of the program can be found on their site, but give them a call. You may be able to get the back issues that cover the basics.

2) The second is (yes, you hear me right) "Body For Life" by Bill Phillips. It's popularity stems from the ease of understanding of basic concepts relating to nutrition, aerobics, resistance training and exercise execution. You can probably do without the "motivational" stuff, but if it fires you up, more power to you.

So, look at those two AS A STARTING POINT, and you should be well on your way!