Is muscle fullness a matter of nutrition?

Hi there.
Which is influencing the body result in the image below:

  • Genetic
  • BF%
  • Nutrition
  • Training?

1st exxample

2nd example

There is something about the first phisique, which seems to have less definition, but it’s really better compared to the one below, for how the muscles are appealing, and full, while below, even if the muscles are bigger, it seems to much “round” and exaggerated…

The focus of the topic it’s not bigger better, but aestetich is better

Likely an inconsistent combination from person to person

E. All the above.

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basically its your sleep,diet and training.For more detail,there will also be difference between when you see youself in the mirror(just before workout or long after your workout)?Furthermore,water weight also make a difference between how your physique currently look.There will be more detail and differences in a physique in a workout pic like hows the light in the room,filter and phone quality