IronCrusher's Road to Hell

Hi, First time post.

A little background:

Right, I am 5ft4 (shortass) and I have just bounced back from a chronic illness - I believe I have completely conquered it however by not listening to doctors and studying things for myself. I am only 110lbs right now, very small I know…

I have recently got together some kit - I found a scaffolding pole and attached sandbags to it for deadlifting. The pole is about 2" thick (I love forearm training too, so the thick bar ticks a lot of boxes).

I have just finished my training in the garden with it, first time of using it properly. I haven’t deadlifted with a barbell for about 7 years because of lack of money… I normally train with logs and sandbags over the park.

I have set my thick bar deadlift PB at 140kg, which I am pretty proud of. When I was young, pre-illness I was much bigger and had a deadlift of about 180kg, but obviously after being stuck down - coming back with a thick bar 140kg was quite surprising. I kept my strength up through illness with isometrics and steel bending.

Also, hi everyone. Looking forward to learning and helping.