Intuitive Nature of Articles.

Have any of you found that every article you read reaffirms some principal you understand but have never been able to explain?? I’ve found this to be an incredible way to gain knowledge and realize truth that you were too basic to articulate in the past.

My bench press went over 300 lbs. I knew it was a result of me upping my warm up weights and lifting them at the fastest speed possible. I could not understand why I was proceeding the way I was. I practically threw my warm ups. Upping them changed things. I wasn’t sure how. But warming up with 165 made my later sets seem like apple pie. It was the only thing that had changed, but the effects were profound. My bench flew through the roof.

The way I had placed my neck at the beginning of a dead lift increased my ability by about 50lbs(huge at the time). Breathing made me feel like I was in an airplane. I played with it until it felt right. my old manual neck exercises from rugby helped to. I can dead without consequenses to the rest of my day. The position of my toungue affects my lifts. strange.

My squat form has always been under scrutiny, as I go really low. As of late I have been bouncing it off of the power rack safety bars and bringing it to stand. Ass to grass has treated me well, inches come real easy. I’m used to max range of motion but actually performing it as far as I intended made parallel squats seem, well tame. This was a hard adjustment from my just below parallel stance.

Try and pick out the articles where I realized “I knew that, but I’m not sure why”.

I’m struggling with a bunch of other ideas. I’ll share them if I think that I can share them without feeling like a complete retard. My big recent ones have been partials, pressing vs. overhead/other, and the complexity of training body parts 2-4x/week.