How Do I Manipulate Insulin to My Benefit?

I am 20 years old and I train 6x a week. As for my stats I’m 6’0 205 and 13-16% BF. I have juvenile diabetes and I am very serious about my training. I’ve been told that when my blood sugar is low my body goes into a catabolic state by my doctor a few years ago, and when my blood sugar is high it is hard for my body to be anabolic (not to clear on that one at all). I’ve spoke to a few personal trainers and a nutritionist who has told me that diabetes could be a great advantage because I always have insulin and it would be easier to manipulate my insulin levels and thus make me gain more muscle.

But… I’m confused on how exactly that would be any different from a diabetic to an average person. Same amount of insulin and everything just coming from a needle and not a pancreas… How could I “manipulate” my insulin to benefit me in any real way? Any other ideas or suggestions as far as Diabetics lifting??

I’m diabetic. I’m a PT. I’m an experienced lifter. Do not…DO NOT fuck around and ‘manipulate’ your insulin. You will die at 34. You will lose limbs. Follow your prescribed and doctor approved insulin scale.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mackk. There is a high chance you will make the mother of all mistakes.

Same as anybody else. What I do is I drink Gatorade (or Surge or w/e depending what my budget is at the time) during my workout and inject throughout my workout. I have an insulin pump so this is very easy for me to do, such as I inject 10units throughout an hour period. Simple simple

That is simple. What does that really change though? And for you diabetics commenting on this I just got my A1C and 7.3 so I am a healthy diabetic and am never going to change my insulin scale for bodybuilding. But the harder I look I find how important insulin is to bodybuilding and I was just wondering how I could in some way make my situation benefit me. Thanks for the comments thus far.

But Whitetiger I am not on the pump but it would be really easy for me to do that because I have a gym bag and everything… How has that benefitted you? What is that supposed to be doing? Doesn’t protein synthesis slow down and almost stop while in intense training anyway?

Same principles around the Surge Workout Fuel and ANACONDA supplement lines. Insulin shuttles the nutrients into your muscle and helps with recovery ect.

This is not the sort of topic you should be using an internet forum for to gather information. At the absolute very least read posts to figure oout who knows what theyre talking about.

Well thanks for those of you who helped me out a little bit. Bone I may be newer here and you obviously are not but isnt this “T-Nation the intelligent and relentless pursuit of muscle”? I mean all I asked was how this could help me out and if the pursuit of muscle isn’t a way for me to figure out how to maximize my situation and GET BIGGER then I dont know what is.

I don’t have a PT right now or a doc to help me out with it so what’s another option? Bone since you have been on here for a while and can depict what is and isnt a good post then help me out man… How can a diabetic like myself use insulin to maximize anabolism? White thanx man, Ive been doing that since you’ve told me to and I’ve honestly never taken Surge but I am ordering some soon since many forums and things seem to talk highly of it. I am going to try it out

Honestly getting advice from faceless names on the internet doesn’t sound like the smartest idea on this topic, but you really have to have experience to give out advice about being a diabetic. Even some doctors who don’t specialize in it barely know what they’re talking about. But like I said I only have experience with myself, my sugars, my body and my insulin therapy (pump). Your body will obviously act differently.

Where are you going to go otherwise for advice on this topic besides an internet forum to talk to people who live with it everyday?

My uncle is a PT here in Utah and he’s pretty smart on the subject. But honestly all the other info that I’ve gathered is from books that I’ve read on the subject. I try to read a few BB Books and thats how I stumbled onto this random internet forum. I know that insulin shuttles nutrients into the muscle but I don’t know how so I was hoping posting here could help me out or teach me a little something with my diabetes. I have been lifing for a few years and plan to compete in the next 2 years when I can pack some beef on. So education with my disease may be the first step…

I agree with the experienced others here.

Additionally, personal trainers aren’t experts on medical issues (hell, most aren’t even experts on BB training/nutrition either). All they heard was the word INSULIN and then schemed on what they perceived as an advantage.

You can get plenty big without ever messing about with insulin or any other hormones for that matter. Focus on mastering the basics- get very strong, 8-10 hours sleep, loads of protein etc…etc.

Even if I was a doctor, which I certainly am not, I wouldn’t be handing out advice over the internet to a diabetic about how to use his insulin prescription to build muscle. The potential for injury is too high IMO.

By all means take the advice of some random person on the internet. It appears as if you dont think it’s a big deal where your info comes from. That’s fine by me. Good luck

Lol all I told him to do was to drink some sugar while he works out and inject insulin for it accordingly. He injects insulin multiple times throughout the day anyways, whats the big deal about when he is working out? I’m not telling him anything he doesn’t know, and I’m not telling him to do anything dangerous, if anything exercising lowers your blood sugar so you SHOULD be eating throughout it anyways.

any “manipulating” of your insulin levels MUST always be followed with food as a diabetic. In which case it isn’t really manipulating anything any differently than a non-diabetic.

PS: I’m a type 1 diabetic with a consistent 7.0 A1C.

Bodybuilding should not be your top priority. Making sure your diabetes is under control is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE.

Integrate a solid workout regimen and healthy diet into your overall diabetes management and you will be better off in both bodybuilding and your overall health. No matter what some harebrained trainers tell you (and they have business giving you any advice with regards to your health), do not start fucking with things. If your insulin levels change because of a workout (which they probably will), then manipulate your doses. It’s when you start slamming insulin post-workout and binging on carbs that things could get dangerous/fatal.

If you are going to start taking Surge and other higher-carb supplements/food, you should really take note of how your sugars respond to it. It’s going to take a lot of consistency to figure out best you can how your body works.

I just think the reader is looking to try to find a positive out of his situation. Insulin sensitivity (and thus, manipulation) is a topic we cover pretty regularly in the nutritional discussions. He was just wondering if his ability to directly manipulate his insulin levels could be used to his benefit.

All of that being said, OP, I think it’s safe to say I understand what you are driving at. But these are some smart people in here, and I whole-heartedly agree with the near-universal sentiment that the internet isn’t the best place to base a decision like this. I do think though that you could find some information out from this thread and various articles, and when you GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR to discuss this with him or her, you will be more informed.

I am lucky to have never had to deal with diabetes. But trying to turn a weakness into a strength is one of the best way to improve yourself. So I get what you’re after. We all just want to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. So do your due diligence and consult a physician (and not just some bro in a trainer shirt at your gym).

Best of Luck.