Anybody experiment with Pinnacle Insulene? It looks like it may be: A) Promising B) Bullshit
C) Have such a small impact on insulin sensitivity it’s not worth it. Anybody have an A B or C experience with this? Bill, what do you think?

I helped with the original pilot work on this product. I was even a subject in it. Im not convinced that it will be all that great. I think the individual ingredients are great but Im not certain that the combo delivers what is promised. However, dont take my word for it. Lonnie Lowery at Kent State is doing a bigger trial right now that will answer such questions. The data should be out soon. Maybe I’ll interview him once the data is collected. Let’s let science verify its efficacy first.

Pinnacle puts together some horrible products. They have good intentions but they usually add something that jacks things up or they don’t meet label claims