Instant brown rice

I bought a box of instant brown rice, does that stuff have a hi GI because its instant?

Probably yes. Skip it. How instant is it? I use “parboiled” whole grain rice, you have to cook it for 20 minutes, but I eat it rarely, maybe once a week during bulking and never when cutting. I recommend regular, long-cooking, health-food-store brand.

It’s 10 minute rice. not that instant…

Regular white rice has to be cooked for approx 10 minutes, so I would not exactly call it instant. The problem with rice is that you cannot really know if it has high of low GI unless it is whole grain rice. If it is white rice, it all depends on the composition. Starch in the rice can be either amylase or amylopectin. If it is mostly amylopectin, the GI is lower, if it is amylase, it might rocket your blood sugar levels sky high, close to maltodextrin. Generally I skip white rice and pasta, use only whole grain variety, sparingly, 1-3 times per week, only when bulking. If you have good insuline sensitivity, you might get away with it. Do not forget that rice is always eating with some kind of protein that significantly lowers the insuline and glucose response. As usually, your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

in a word- maybe. it depends on what exactly it is. If it is simply precooked, it will be a little higher than normal, non-precooked. if it is instant- it is quite a bit higher. this is due to the fact that a chemical agent is introduced, an amylase, i believe, which breaks down the long starches. and in turn, your body doesnt have to ‘work’ as long or as hard at digesting it, cuz it has been ‘softened up’ alraedy for ya.