Injection sites

Fellow t-men! What sites have you rotated through when you are ON? Thanks guys.

Glutes, thighs, delts, biceps.

R & L gluteal, R & L deltoid, R & L outer quad. That should give you plenty of places.

anyone ever done the tricep?

John U, could you give us some instructions and precautions when injecting into the biceps and delts.

I choose to use 1/2 inch insulin needles, smallest gauge available, as Bill Roberts suggested. When injecting in the deltoid region you should make an imaginary triangle in the medial portion with the base at the top of the shoulder and tip pointing down. Inject as close to the center as possible and don’t forget to aspirate! The biceps are a little bit tricky. The outer head or “peak” is where the injection should take place. Inject in the middle of the muscle and towards the top of the bicep. Push with a slow deliberate movement at either site and no more than 1cc at a time. A word of caution, the deltoid region is known to be a very vascular region. A seemingly large amount of blood may dribble out if you have passed through a vein. Just apply pressure with a sterile alcohol wipe. Injecting into the tricep is not a good idea. Why would you do it anyway?