Injectables as Orals?

Hey, I’ve recently been reading a lot of stuff about Winstrol Depot being able to be swallowed as opposed to be injected. Is this true? If so, what other injectable roids can be taken orally? And, if taken orally, what is the difference in effectiveness (ie: 1g Winstrol Depot = ?g Winstrol pills) Much thanks to any of you who can help.

Good question - I’d like to add to that question what are the ramifications to the liver if injectables are taken orally.

Do they place much more stress on the liver this way?

The only injectables that are usable orally are those
that are 17-alkylated or to some extent, 1-methylated.

This pretty much comes down to Dianabol (also available
as a veterinary injectable, not recommended to inject),
Winstrol, and Primobolan acetate (probably not Primobolan
Depot which is the enanthate ester.)

The effect on the liver seems to be the same orally as
by injection. In either case, the liver still is ultimately
going to be metabolizing every milligram of steroid you
take (well, except for that which might not be absorbed)
regardless of the route of administration: it just happens
sooner rather than later orally. But long term, if you
are taking so many mg per week, the liver is having to
metabolize that many mg either way.

An exception is with once a day oral dosing: this seems
a little easier on the liver for the same number of mg.
Perhaps this is because the liver gets a “rest” for quite
a few hours each day. However, the partial extra benefit
you get here is counteracted by less gains (due to less
constant blood levels) and also is not enough to completely
solve the toxicity issue, so you still need to cycle off.