Ian King's Workouts

Hi everyone…
I usually post on the Menshealth board but this will be my first time posting here. I’ve already been warned ahead of time about the general opinion of MensHealth over here but reguardless I have a question that could be answered more efficiently here. I found Ian King’s “great guns” workout and I really liked it so I wanted to try it because my arms are one area of my body I believe needs improvement. I know Mr. King did a Legs and Chest/Back series before this. Would it be alright to just jump into the “great guns” series and use my maintenence days to work on the rest of me a little and THEN go back and go the legs and chest/back? Or should I just start from legs and move on…? I’ve already started the “Great Guns” series…I’m in the first week…any suggestions? Oh and also if anyone knows the official titles of his other series of workouts that’d be great too. Thanks for all your help.


Do a search on Ian King and you’ll find more than you could want. His programs here are 12 weeks to super strength and “Limping…” You’ll enjoy them once they’re done! :slight_smile:

Do what you’re going to enjoy most. If you think your arms are lacking, then you’re not going to get any enjoyment from beating the crap out of your legs. Put some size and definition on those pipes, then hit legs, then hit upper body. At lest that’s what I would do. Regarding Men’s Health: I kind of like the magazine. It’s not a hardcore lifting mag, but it’s a good read.